Goretide Reinforcements

The Age of Sigmar hardback has a table for Chaos Lords, allowing them to call for daemonic support mid-battle. Wanting to give my Stormcast Eternals more room to use their cool toys, I started work on a few Khorne daemon units to be used either as part of a main force or summoned. The Bloodletters I have already showcased, so it was time to add the heavyweight Bloodcrushers…


Once again using GW’s new paint range, I am quite happy with how these guys turned out – and again, they did not take much longer to do than my traditional goop method.


While the mortal followers of the Goretide are heavily based around Khorne Red, I have gone for a brighter hue with the daemons. Starting with a black undercoat, the whole model gets drenched in Mephiston Red, the metal bits getting Leadbelcher. A complete wash of Nuln Oil goes on top (using a black wash on bright red – weird, but it works…).


Evil Sunz Scarlet gets layered on top, painted onto the Juggernaut, drybrushed heavily on the rider. Then a very, very light drybrush of Trollslayer Orange goes on selected areas of both. Runefang Steel is used as a highlight on the metallic areas.


Then it is really just a case of doing the gold – looks finicky, but does not take that long (not sure I would want to do ten of these guys at once though). Gehenna Gold is the base, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, with a tiny touch of Runefang Steel as a highlight. Polish off with black on the horns and sword (drybrushed with Administratum and then Celestial Grey), and the model is practically done!


A roll of one on the Chaos Lord table means the Hero might well turn into a Chaos Spawn, so I did one of these too. Much the same technique as the Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers, except the spines and big claw were done in Khorne Red and then two to three layers of Nuln Oil were done on top – a little trick learned from the Khorgorath, it gives that ‘fade to black’ feel, which makes those areas look particularly well-armoured/strong.


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