Dragonfate Dais

Managed to get some bits and pieces done this weekend, but my attempt at getting through the entire Sylvaneth box set was a pipe dream, as it turns out. All the Dryads and the Branchwraith are done but those Treelords… yeah, they need a bit more work. I am not amazingly happy with the way the Dryads turned out, given the recent improvement in my painting, but as the foot troops of a ‘side’ army, they are going to be acceptable – everyone will be looking at at the Treelords anyway. I’ll get some photos of the entire force up as soon as the Treelords are complete (they have their base colours on them!).

I also finished off another unit of Bloodletters. I have said in the past that I was not going to go overboard with Chaos, but I think I’ll do just one more unit of these guys in the near future as three units will be enough for summoning in big games and they will also form a good basis for a 40k Daemon army, if I ever get mad enough to do that. We have a painting day coming up next weekend, and I am debating whether to finish those Treelords off or try to do them this week, and give the painting day over to a recently acquired Bloodthirster…

Anyway, the main thing I finished this weekend was the Dragonfate Dais.


An easy model, overall, though the gold work took a bit of time.

As always, tried to keep things simple – undercoat black, drybrush Mechanicum Grey, lighter drybrush of Celestial Grey and then a very light drybrush of white.

The gold was a Gehenna Gold base, Reikland Fleshshade wash, followed by a light dusting of Runefang Steel.

Then just skulls, flames, dragon eyes, and it was done!


This was also my first model that used Blood for the Blood God technical paint. And… it just works. Gloop it on to any area you want blood pooled in, and it looks like pooled blood. You cannot really ask for more than that…


The new Age of Sigmar terrain is building into a nice little collection. It looks like the Chaos Fortress is going to be coming soon – now, that looks seriously interesting…




2 Responses to “Dragonfate Dais”

  1. chazsexington Says:

    How did you find it to assemble? I’ve heard some bad things about the new pieces

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