In the last episode, the players had rooted out the evil and corruption within the leadership of the town of Bogenhafen and were on their way to stop a dreadful ritual before doom descended on everyone.


The players and characters were;

Ed – Thorgrim – Dwarf Scholar
Amy – Llewellyn – Wood Elf Warrior
Andy – Thorn – Wood Elf Scholar (wizard’s apprentice)
James – Deem – Dwarf Warrior
Alan – Yvette – Human Ranger

As the players approached the wharfside warehouses of Bogenfaen, night was falling and bringing with it a thick mist. They knew the ritual was taking place in one of two warehouses and, predictably, went to the wrong one first.

Having settled on the right one, they thought they would be smart, and have a plan. This revolved mostly around Amy breaking into the warehouse to lie in wait for the cultists, and James pretending to be drunk on the wharfside close to the entrance of the warehouse (actually, having picked up plenty of ale at the Schaffenfest, there was not much pretending there). The rest just kinda hid in the shadows nearby.

They waited. For a long time. Finally, a coach turned up, and a couple of men went inside the warehouse carrying bundles. There, Amy watched them getting changed into their ritualistic robes, but she did not raise the alarm. More coaches turned up, more men entered the warehouse, but the players still held their hand.

It was not until a wagon arrived and men started hefting a bundle that obviously contained a body (dead or alive, they had no idea) that they decided to act.

When all was quiet again on the wharfside, they rushed to the warehouse door, only to find it had been locked. Inside, Amy was watching the bundle being opened to reveal the unconscious form of a young woman (a captured thief that was intended as sacrifice). Guessing what the cultists intended, Amy launched her attack, sending an arrow whistling towards who she presumed was the cult leader – and missed. By a mile.

As things were clearly about to kick off, the players outside were getting a bit more frantic in their attempts to break through the locked doors. Ed resolved the situation quickly, if not neatly, by rolling one of his bombs towards the doors.


As the smoke cleared, many of the cultists were panicking, though their attempts to escape were initially stymied by the players trying to get in. Amy, by this time, had jumped down from her perch inside and drawn swords as she raced towards the cult leader (Teugen). Unfortunately, it was at this time she discovered he was a spellcaster and a Steal Mind spell saw her sitting on the floor, drooling.

The daemon (Gideon) revealed himself at this point and from then on, it was a pitched battle. Teugen threw the odd fireball and Gideon lent his spellcasting weight to the battle. Many of the cultists finally managed to escape into the night, while the players’ own heavy hitters were being paralysed by failed Willpower tests and the Steal Mind spell. Finally, they managed to close range and wade in. Ed’s offer to throw another bomb into the mix was politely refused.

Gideon proved to be a tough nut to crack, but they eventually managed to dispatch both him and Teugen, watching as Tzeentch claimed the soul of the mortal in a display that handed out the first round of Insanity points.

And so… victory.

The ritual had been stopped, and no Chaos Gate was to open in Bogenhafen. Chaos corruption in the leadership of the town had been destroyed. And the players were fairly sure they were going to get arrested for murder (a fair assumption).

Deciding that a big reward was not going to be coming their way, they found their old friend, the boatman Josef, and hid on his barge as they crept out of Bogenhafen.

At least they all got a Fate point for their trouble.