The Sylvaneth Stir

Ever since I finished reading War Storm, one of the recent Age of Sigmar novels, I have been wanting to do a few games in the Realm of Life, Nurgle versus Stormcasts and Sylvaneth. The trees and terrain I had tackled earlier, so when the Forest Spirit Warhost box set was released, I could get cracking with the rest. And, speaking for myself alone, I think I have done rather a good job here…


The Dryads proved to be a doddle. I used the colours suggested on the back of the box for ‘dark wood’, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I found them to be rather ‘flat’. However, as I was basing them, I decided to do a last minute highlight of very light green around their faces, and that seemed to do the trick! It is still not a brilliant paint job by any means, but the highlight was enough to get them to ‘pop’ and not be boring.



I followed a similar scheme for the Branchwraith, but went with the light wood colouring in the main, a pattern I copied on the Treelords – the Ancient being light wood, the other two dark (one the same as the Dryads, the other the same as the trees I painted for the woods – seemed logical!), so that the ‘senior’ models of this force are instantly recognisable.


I was doing the Dryads at the same time as a unit of Bloodletters and the Dragonfate Dais, and they were still polished off in a single (and very lazy) Sunday. The Treelords were a different matter, and my bright idea to do them alongside the Dryads turned out to be a pipe dream. However, I did manage to get their base colour (well, bark) done, so I could then concentrate on their detailing without getting distracted by anything else. Other than, you know, work and stuff…


The Ancient is, perhaps rightly, my favourite. The lighter wood really makes him stand out and, while my photographic skills are really not up to the job, there is a nice fading effect on his raised claws, going from black right up to white at the very tips.


There are four colours used on practically every area, doing the normal base, shade, layer 1, layer 2 thing. I quite like the orchid thing at the end of his staff, starting off with purple and worked up to pink/white…


The two Treelords turned out well enough, but I missed the mark slightly on them. The dark wood areas on them are actually painted up using two completely different sets of colours – but unless you hold them up to natural light and look really, really, really closely, you can’t tell.



I based the whole force in the same fashion as the rest of my Age of Sigmar models but instead of burnt grass, I used a more healthy colour because Realm of Life.

Right now, these chaps have to wait a bit as while I have been building up a nice force of Hallowed Knights to fight alongside them, they do not have any actual enemies! I am doing some more work on the Khorne Goretide at the moment (going to try to get a Bloodthirster finished this weekend!), and then I will be launching into both Nurgle and Pestilens.

We’ll be fighting in the woods soon enough!


One Response to “The Sylvaneth Stir”

  1. spalanz Says:

    Awesome! I recently painted up just four dryads in the Winter scheme (Russ Grey/Fenrisian Grey drybrushed over Dryad Bark) and was really chuffed with the results, though it took me too long to do just four, so no telling when I’ll have an actual force of them. Been wanting to do a Treelord ever since, though! I’ve also been working on painting up my Stormcast Eternals in the Lions of Sigmar scheme, which means I have no enemies for them! As such, I think this weekend will be all about getting my Ogors finally finished…

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