A Really Angry Model

Managed to get quite a bit done this weekend, but this post is all about just one model – I finished the Bloodthirster!


Now, regulars here will know I am in the running to be the world’s laziest painter, but I think this chap has really turned out not too shabbily at all.


That said, I really cannot take too much credit for it – that belongs squarely on a) GW’s new paint range and b) Duncan from Warhammer TV, my new best friend. Warhammer TV is a Youtube channel that takes you through, step-by-step several models from GW, including the Bloodthirster.


It really is a simple process, going through each colour one at a time. And the time taken? I managed to do everything but the base on the Bloodthirster in one day, and I also finished off three other units (count them!) that I’ll showcase in another post later this week. The moral is this: Even if you are a really lazy painter, don’t be intimidated by a model like this. Just follow the guidelines on Warhammer TV, and you will end up with a really nice centrepiece for your Khorne army.


It is true, the Bloodthirster is probably not going to get much time on the tabletop, as his appearance should be a ‘moment’ in any Age of Sigmar campaign though, as I have said before, I have noticed that I seem to be collecting a 40k Chaos Daemons army at the same time as I am building up the Goretide in Age of Sigmar (got to love a common base format). However, this is the kind of model it is just nice to have on the shelf. And he is good to threaten other players with if they start winning too often!


I am not going to go through all the painting steps, as Warhammer TV does it much better (just jump to Youtube and search for ‘Painting Bloodthirster’, you’ll see it), but I want to reiterate – if I can do a model like this, then anyone can. Give it a whirl, you might surprise yourself!


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