As well as the Bloodthirster, I managed to get a few other bits and pieces completed this weekend, all connected with the Realm of Life campaign in some way.


First up were the Stormcast Paladins, which I built up as two units, one with axes, the other with glaives (as I already had hammer guys from the starter set).


As I have noted before, these are really quick models to paint up, akin to Space Marines in 40k. I followed the painting guide for the Hallowed Knights in a recent White Dwarf and just tore through these two units (remember, I was painting the Bloodthirster alongside these guys, just doing bits to them while something dried on the daemon).


It is a very simple paint scheme, but it turns out nice models, the silver highlighting on the gold making them ‘pop’ well.


I also made a start on the Rotbringers, the guys the Stormcasts will be fighting against in the Realm of Life campaign. Again, I used the painting guide from a White Dwarf, one that is simplicity itself – undercoat white, do the eyes, teeth and skin-tears, then gloop the whole lot in Camoshade. Takes minutes (you will spend more time waiting for the models to dry than actually painting them) and you could easily do a hundred Plaguebearers in one day. Easily.

My only real issue is that these guys are a bit lighter than I had intended, as I used Ceramite White as a base rather than Corax White. This triggered an argument in our painting day gathering as we debated on what the term ‘white’ actually meant but, despite my own disagreement, I’ll be getting a can of Corax White before I doing more Nurgle daemons…


It did give me a chance to try out the Nurgle’s Rot technical pain though, which makes it look as if someone sneezed over your models – which is the intended effect, so I cannot really complain. I quite like it, but think it would have looked better if the Plaguebearers had turned out darker. I will be experimenting further with this paint…