Bank holiday weekend, and I have managed to do a fair considerable amount for once. I’ll take some snaps of the other bits and pieces when the paint is dry but my second unit of Bloodreavers are done and ready for battle!


Now, regulars here may recall that when I finished the Khorne models from the starter set, I said I was a) not really interested in doing a full Khornate horde and b) did not much enjoy doing the Bloodreavers anyway and so would certainly not be doing any more of them.

That obviously went out of the window on both counts…


For the first, our group is going up to the Age of Sigmar campaign event at GW HQ later this month (will do a report!) and, for reasons I have not quite been able to figure out, I have (more or less, I reserve the right to change my mind!) decided to go with a Khorne force. So, a few extra units were required.


Second… well, I don’t really have an excuse there. When the stand-alone Bloodreaver box set came out, I saw it included an option for guys with two-handed axes and thought it would be nice to have the option…


Still, they were painted up in the same fashion, using the guide in the starter set rulebook (only did a batch of just these guys though, not alongside a whole bunch of other models), and they have turned out quite nicely again. I think this standard bearer is a bit ‘meatier’ than the starter set one.


Overall, and this might be a function of choosing the two-handed axe option, this unit feels a bit ‘lighter’ in terms of armour than the others. There are just a few less shoulder pads and bracers, and it makes a difference to the look of the unit at a distance.


When all is said and done though, this gives me 40 fist-throwing  mothers to drive before my more valuable Khorne units, and they will make for an impressive sight on the battlefield.

I have almost completed the Exalted Deathbringer too. He, along with some other bits and pieces (including a completely new force!) are just waiting for a few bits to dry, and then they’ll get some snaps and be posted here!



2 Responses to “Bloodreavers”

  1. zolbrook Says:

    I’m building a Khorne army too, albeit much more slowly! The bloodreavers are fantastic models and I’m really trying hard not to jump the gun and by the box before I’ve painted the ones in the starter set. It’s too bad they melt on the table — but I agree that the impression of 40 bloodreavers is pretty daunting.

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