Clan Pestilens

A brand new force was finished this week (most of the work done over the weekend, just doing the last detailing these past days), a little Skaven horde in the form of Clan Pestilens.


Of a similar size to my Sylvaneth force, these rats are intended to support Nurgle warbands in the fight for the Realm of Life, the next big area we’ll be fighting over. As with the Sylvaneth, I am not planning to expand this force all that much, though I will be adding a Verminlord when I get round to it.


They are led by this chap, a Plague Priest, a Finecast version of the old Skrolk model. Finecast seems to have come a long way, had absolutely no issues with this or any of the others I have picked up of late.


The first lot of Plague Monks were armed with blade and staff (it makes a difference in Age of Sigmar). I wanted a variation on the ‘pure green’ robes that you normally see on Plague Monks, and found inspiration in the Quest for Ghal Maraz hardback – green hoods with black robes. However, I went full green on the higher ranking rats, such as the Plague Priest, to denote a higher standing within the force.


The second unit were armed with twin blades, and I also varied the items the ‘command group’ carried.


Just one step down from the priest on the pecking order, the Plague  Censer Bearers are all Finecast and, again, were simplicity to put together and paint. They are all one piece models and the completely green robes on them meant I flew through them when painting.


The actual rats were completed over the weekend (56 of them!) but the war machines took a trifle longer. The biggest of these was the Plague Furnace, a heavyweight machine of pestilence and foulness!


A second Plague Priest is present here, no doubt feeling a bit superior because he gets to ride into battle. I painted this guy separately from the rest of the model, something which is very, very unusual for me, but it just made sense for this chap. Everything else was glued together before painting.


The chaps at the back of the Furnace are a little bit elevated among their peers, but have not yet earned the green robes. Plague Priests in training, I figured. I do like their pose and the big green ball of warpstone filth they are swinging – this model has a lot of ‘motion’ to it.


The stone areas were very quick and easy to do (Mechanicum Grey, Nuln Oil, drybrush successively lighter shades of grey). The runes were done in Claiban Green and then touched lightly with Warpstone Green. I was going to go over them again with Moot Green, but think that would have been a bit too much.


The other machine was the Plagueclaw Catapult, designed to hurl, well, filth, into the ranks of the enemy. A nice little pose on this one, with one of the gas-masked crew ‘reloading’ the weapon.


This was really quick to paint, though the metalwork was a bit of a pain – that done though, and you fly through it. The vomit/filth/pus came out nicely (if that is the word), and the red hoses dotted throughout the superstructure bring a dash of colour to the whole thing.


There is also a chap inside preparing to fire the weapon…

As I said before, this will only be a small force (and I mean it this time!) and, as things stand, I would only be looking to add a Verminlord to it in the foreseeable future – though the Battalion Warscroll for these guys does have three Plague Monk units (ahhh, must resist!).

For now though, I’ll be focussing on getting the Khorne warband up to speed for the Age of Sigmar event at GW HQ later this month…



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  1. Circus of Paint Says:

    Thanks for yours thoughts on the Finecast re-releases, I have my eye on some of them (after I’ve gotten through all the other Skaven on my desk!)

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