A Dollop of Nurgle and a Dash of Khorne

I have almost settled on taking a Khorne-based force with me to the GW Age of Sigmar event later this month, but that has not stopped me from at least making the option of doing Nurgle…


I have some Blightkings sitting to one side, as well as the recently released characters, Glottkin and Maggoth Lord, but I started work on Nurgle daemons as White Dwarf showcased a very easy method of painting them recently (pick out the fleshy bits, horns and eyes, then drench the whole lot with Agrax Earthshade – could not be simpler).


I posted the first unit of Plaguebearers last week, and now they have been joined by Nurglings. I think I’ll pick up some more of these little chaps, as I am rather enamoured by the Nurgle’s Deluge battalion Warscroll, where it is raining Nurglings and a Maggoth Lord basically lays more like eggs!


A Herald of Nurgle will always be useful when Plaguebearers are about and, again, this chap has come out quite nicely with a very, very simple paint scheme.


At least one Chaos Spawn is always going to be needed, I think, if a Chaos Lord plans to use the Time of War rules to call upon god – and it goes wrong… As it turns out, I will need another to field one of the new Nurgle battalions, but that is not going to be a hardship.

Incidentally, I used a different method for painting this one, starting with a Zandri Dust base and then adding Sepia, Fleshshade and Waywatcher Green washes, finishing off with a Zandri drybrush. Adds some variation and will tie in with the flesh tones of the Blightkings when I get round to doing them (planning ahead, ha!).


Finally, Khorne has got a look in as well with the Exalted Deathbringer. For this, I followed (more or less) the painting guide in White Dwarf, though my talent is not sufficient to match the final effect. In particular, the detail on the face is much less noticeable on mine and the skin is not highlighted as finely – but, as I say, there is a limit to my talent!

Still, this chap will do well leading my (now veritable horde of) Blood Warriors.



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