Skull Keep – A Size Comparison

I don’t normally take photos of models that have not been painted, but after spending a lazy Sunday afternoon putting one of the new Skull Keeps together, I thought there may be some of you interested in seeing the size of this thing. It is much larger than you think it is…


It goes together quickly, though takes a smidgen longer than you might think, as it is constructed from three storeys (which, of course, means you could get a couple of these kits and start stacking them). What you do not appreciate from the box art of photos on GW’s site, however, is just how massive this thing is.


A squad of Space Marines will fit very comfortably on the top.

As an aside, one of the Battleplans in the Age of Sigmar hardback features a Skull Keep as a centrepiece and there is supposed to be a unit of Bloodreavers inside at the start. I had been thinking just how twenty-odd Bloodreavers were able to fit inside one of these and be comfortable – not any more! This thing could swallow a small warband and have room to spare.



A lone Space Marine is simply dwarfed by the Skull Keep.


Do a conversion to make a bigger entrance, and a Rhino could use the Skull Keep as a garage, with enough room for a Techmarine and his Servitors to give the transport a new lick of paint.


A Land Raider will not fit inside it – but its crew will be seriously straining their necks to look up at anyone on the battlements. How about the ultimate test, though. How big is the Skull Keep compared to an Imperial Knight?


Yeah, Gerantius will no longer be the centre of attention on the battlefield.

However, suppose you (like me) already have the Mighty Fortress? Are you going to have Castle Envy?


That is a big yes. Now, you can look at these photos and think perhaps that the Skull Keep is just a couple of inches or so wider and taller – and so there is not much of a difference. However, what may not be so clear is how much more of a ‘presence’ the Skull Keep has. Those inches matter (as the girls keep telling me). The Skull Keep is noticeably larger, heavier and more massive.


It is worth remembering that, aside form the mail order-only walls, the Skull Keep is the smallest component of the Dreadhold. Can’t wait to see the others!

Final verdict: This was just going to be a side project for me, doing the Skull Keep for a few Battleplans and then maybe adding the rest of the Dreadhold pieces here and there down the line. After seeing just how big the Skull Keep is though… I want me a full castle, it is going to look nothing short of awesome on the table.





One Response to “Skull Keep – A Size Comparison”

  1. Wudugast Says:

    That is a real beast of a building, like you I hadn’t realised how big it actually was from the pictures on the website (I was thinking roughly Knight height).
    Thanks for the size comparisons, they’re really useful – I’m planning to mount the Keep on some Baneblade tracks I ended up with a while back to make a Tower of Skulls so getting an idea of the scale of it is very handy.

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