Blood Warriors

Having done another unit of Bloodreavers last week, I was all set to add a couple of units of Blood Warriors – the real heavy hitters of Khorne’s Goretide.


I picked up two sets of these because, well, how many of these guys do you really need? They went together very quickly, the only fiddly bit being the some of the shoulder pads which are actually in two parts. Having two units, I went with both options, the twin axes and axe/gorefist combo. Each unit had a leader, standard and the Goreaxe (Bat’leth).

This is one nice aspect of Age of Sigmar. In terms of ‘army optimisation’, I think the gorefist is the way to go, as it just makes these guys much ‘pricklier’ and opponents wary about engaging them in close combat. However, as there are no points values in the game, you might as well go for the variation and have both in your force!


These are the Gorefist guys, looking a lot like their counterparts in the starter set.


And finally a picture of the command and ‘special’ models in both units.

These guys have more exposed skin than the starter set guys, with the odd bare head and arm appearing here and there (the latter you cannot avoid, as there are not enough armoured arms for full coverage across the entire unit). I like the idea of the fully-armoured look, but the bare skin does add some variety to the unit and is not a real pain to paint. You can just assume that these guys were so angry when they woke up in the morning that they forgot to put all their armour on.

A handful of them have hair tassles at their sides or, as in the case of the leader above, on their heads – these I did green to tie in with the Exalted Deathbringer I completed last week, making it some mark of honour or rank.


I also polished off some more Bloodcrushers, making this unit a bit more potent. This is another aspect of Age of Sigmar – you don’t worry so much about how effective a unit is, you start thinking more about how it will be portrayed on the battlefield. With these guys, three in a unit is okay, but you don’t really get the feeling of hitting your opponent like a train when they charge. With six, I think that may begin to change…

So, aside from a possible daemon prince and a couple of ‘special’ characters (will preview those soon, they are going to be great!), I think I now have all the models I need for the Age of Sigmar event at GW HQ in a couple of weeks time. Should be fun!


3 Responses to “Blood Warriors”

  1. Akai Says:

    I envy how productive you are in getting your miniatures painted! Looks good.

    • altsain Says:

      I have a secret for that 🙂

      I love film and TV as much as the next man, but I find it impossible to just sit in front of a TV and veg out – I always need to be doing something. Painting models lets me concentrate on the TV but keeps my hands occupied.

      A good DVD box set can see several units get polished off!

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