The Numinous Occulum

I picked up this terrain piece when it first came out but, aside from assembling and undercoating, I did not do much with it for a whole because a) I had some projects that took precedence and b) it looked a mite fiddly and I was not super excited about that.

As it turned out, a) resolved itself with just a bit of work and b) did not apply at all! I whizzed through some bits and pieces this weekend quicker than I had anticipated and so was able to pop this one into the painting line and get it finished.


Starting with a basic black undercoat, I gave the whole thing a very heavy drybrush (almost straight painting it on) of Mechanicus Grey. Was debating whether to simply drybrush on top of this but in the end went ahead with a coating of Nuln Oil first – and I was glad I did. It really gave the the base coat proper depth.


After that, it just had a drybrush of Celestial Grey and then a very light drybrush of pure white – and that was 80% of the model done!


Then it was on to the metalwork – just two stages on this. Started with the silver, doing it all in Leadbelcher, followed by a coating of Nuln Oil, then drybrushed with Runefang Steel.


Which just left the gold – the base coat is Balthazar Gold, washed with Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushed Griffon Gold (one of their weird drybrush paints – but it works!).

And that was it. A nice big terrain piece that has presence on the table, wizards will love it, and it does not take as long to paint as you might think!


One Response to “The Numinous Occulum”

  1. spalanz Says:

    I’ve been working on one of these myself, though the assembly was much more hassle than I’d expected – so many gaps! Yours looks like it went together much easier though, and the finished piece looks amazing!

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