Shrieking Death From Above

So, just to prove it is not all about Age of Sigmar at the moment, I finally managed to finish this model off this weekend – the Hemlock Wraithfighter…


I managed to finish off some projects quicker than I thought I would this weekend, leaving time to look at some other bits and pieces, including this model which, having had base coats and washes, had been sitting on my shelf awaiting final detailing for a  few months now. As it turns out, there was only about half an hour’s work left in it, so I did not really have an excuse for delaying it this long.


I wanted a Hemlock in my Eldar force for a number of reasons.

  1. Psychic Shriek: This is a psychic flyer and, with access to Telepathy, combined with its own Leadership-lowering capabilities, is just going to be plain rude. Fly onto the table, unleash the Psychic Shriek, possibly burn down any tough unit that is not a vehicle.
  2. Flyer Support: This is not an anti-air flyer by any means, but it is going to be nice to be able to include a single flyer in an Eldar detachment rather than taking three Crimson Hunters all together – the Crimson Hunters are nice (very, very nice!) but also a massive investment. The Hemlock will allow more balanced armies to be fielded.
  3. Altsain Colour Scheme: It is also nice having a flyer in the same colour scheme as the rest of the army. The Crimson Hunters are very distinctive, but this one flying the flag, as it were, just adds a little something.

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