Captains of Chaos

Of late, I took the opportunity to polish off a handful of the senior ranks of my Chaos force. We have the GW Age of Sigmar event coming up this weekend (will be taking piccies!), so I wanted to round off my Khorne force.


Got an unusual choice or two here, so I’ll go through them…


The big guy is a Daemon Prince, and a very angry one at that. I used pretty much exactly the same techniques on this as I did on the Bloodthirster (which itself came from GW’s own ‘how to’ video on Warhammer TV – you’ll find it on Youtube). At some point I will need to do a Nurgle one of these, but this chap is good for now.


A Blightmage of Nurgle. Quite like this model, but what is he doing in a Khorne force, eh? The idea came from one of the Age of Sigmar novels (War Storm, as I recall, the follow on from Gates of Azyr). In the story, the leader of the Khorne forces, the Scarlet Lord, has subjugated a Nurgle Sorcerer to his service. Sounds like an idea!

This is one of those models that seems a bit daunting to begin with but becomes very easy to paint – the brown robe and black cloak cover 80% of the model, then it is just skin, staff and details.

There is something very Old School about this model…


The Scarlet Lord has a Skaven too! In the story, the Skaven (with a small band of what are probably Stormvermin) is really into Khorne and wants to be one of the Scarlet Lord’s inner circle champions. This puts the existing champions’ noses out of joint, but the Scarlet Lord informs the rat that he can enter the trials but if he survives he will not be made a champion – but he will be allowed to live and fight for Khorne.

So, I added a Skaven Warlord too (easy to do things like this in Age of Sigmar).


I picked up Scyla cheap on eBay – nothing like a really cross Chaos Spawn. This is one of the older models of Scyla, I found out after I had finished it, but I am kinda okay with that. The new one looks a bit too similar to the Slaughterbrute, and this model gets the point across.

Despite its size, this was probably the quickest model to do in this little batch, being basically two main colours (the red red and bone). Just add details to taste on top of that.


Been after one of these since I finished my first Bloodletter unit – a Herald of Khorne (a Bloodletter Plus). He was painted in the same way as the other Bloodletters (Mephiston Red base, Nuln Oil, Mephiston Red layer, Evil Sunz drybrush, very light Trollslayer Orange drybrush), and has only a few more detail bits on him. This is a Finecast model and I can already see the legs/ankle joints are very thin and ‘flexible’. A model to take care of.


Finally, there is Skulltaker, a Bloodletter Plus Plus. This is another model that can seem a bit daunting but while he has more detail than any of the others here, none of it is a real pain. Started off with his skin (normal Bloodletter colours), then did the bronze armour. Skulls followed (there are a lot of them on his back!), then the black cloak and horns – which really just left the fiery skull to do! Both fire and brass were done in the same way as for the Bloodthirster (again, check out GW’s video).

The completion of these basically means my Khorne force is now fighting fit for the weekend event.

It also means my Khorne is getting towards being ‘done’. Sort of.

GW are releasing a couple of new Khorne characters next week (along with a book!), and re-releasing another. It looks like the Skullcrushers (as opposed to the Bloodcrushers I have already done) are being re-released, and I am guessing the Warshrine and Wrathmongers are in the line up as well. There are rumours of a big kit coming very soon to join them, and for this I will guess a Khorgorath.

Then it looks like the Tau are getting some releases, which will allow me to catch up with my Age of Sigmar painting, involving Nurgle and Tzeentch warbands – and a Chaos castle!


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