Time of War: Realm of Beasts

In preparation for an upcoming campaign, I jotted down some notes on a Time of War sheet for the Realm of Beasts. Comments are welcomed!


Time of War: Realm of Beasts

Within Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, there is a prairie so vast, it has no name. No single nation can lay claim to any noticeable fraction of it, and it cannot be crossed in a single lifetime. These plains encompass entire mountain ranges, forests and canyons but they are chiefly grasslands of infinite variety. Here, great beasts with horns that rise above the highest trees roam, hunted by a multitude of human tribes.

While specific regions within the Realm of Beasts may have their own specific rules, the following can be used during battles anywhere within Ghur. Players are free to choose which of these rules they wish to use every time they fight.



WIZARDS in the Realm of Beasts know the Wildform spell in addition to any other spells that they know. Wildform harnesses the power of beasts throughout the realm, giving the recipients increased savagery in battle.

Wildform has a casting value of 6. If successfully cast, select a friendly unit within 18” of the caster. Until your next hero phase, that unit will re-roll all to wound rolls of a 1. However, if the unit is within 12” of an enemy unit, it must attempt to charge it if possible.


Territorial Beasts

The Realm of Beasts is a terrifying place with many huge and powerful monsters roaming freely. They are often attracted to the sound of battle and will fight hard to defend their territory.

At the start of every battle round, before players roll to see who has the first turn in that round, roll a dice. On a 4 or more, an angry beast has appeared!

If this occurs, roll another dice. If the roll is a 1 or 2, a Lesser Beast has appeared. Otherwise, it is a Greater Beast. Roll on the appropriate table below to determine what kind of monster has appeared (note that you can choose which column to roll on if you have determined a Greater Beast has appeared). If you do not have an appropriate model, either re-roll on the table or substitute the monster for another in your collection.

Lesser Beasts

D6 Beast
1 Cockatrice
2 Great Taurus
3 Griffon
4 Lammasu
5 Mournfang
6 Razorgor


Greater Beasts

D6 Beast Alternative
1 Arachnarok Spider Jabberslythe
2 Carnosaur Kharibdyss
3 Chimera Manticore
4 Cygor Stegadon
5 Ghorgon Thundertusk
6 Hydra Wyvern

The monster is placed in the centre of a randomly chosen terrain piece.

Players then roll to determine who has the first turn of the battle round. For the rest of the battle, the monster will be under the control of the player who wins that roll.

Use an appropriated warscroll for the monster that has appeared, ignoring any weapons or special rules that are only applicable to any rider or handler the monster normally has.


Spirit of the Beast

Once in each battle in the Realm of Beasts, a HERO of DESTRUCTION can rally the wild, untampered savagery of the beast to him. In your hero phase, nominate a HERO of DESTRUCTION and roll one dice. On a roll of 1 or a 2, the HERO has failed to tame the spirit of the beast and he immediately suffers D3 mortal wounds. Otherwise, the HERO doubles its attacks for one melee weapon for the rest of the battle.


Realm of Beasts Triumphs

If you win a major victory in a battle within the Realm of Beasts, you can roll on the following table instead of the Triumph table on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet.


D6 Reward
1 Golden Arrow. Pick a HERO in your army to carry this weapon. Once per battle the HERO can make a shooting attack with the Golden Arrow. It has 1 attack, hits on 3+, wounds on 3+, has a Rend of -1 and D3 damage. However, if the wound roll is a 6 or more, it doubles its damage and has a Rend of -3.
2 Bestial Mask of Fury. Pick a HERO in your army to wear this mask. During the battle, all enemy units within 12” of the HERO will suffer a -2 penalty to all battleshock tests.
3 Eagle Slayer Pendant. Pick a HERO in your army to wear this pendant. The HERO can re-roll all failed to hit rolls when fighting an enemy unit that can fly.
4 Beast Master. After all models have been deployed before a battle but before the first turn, pick one MONSTER in the enemy army. It is immediately removed from the table.
5 Beast Charmer. If a territorial beast appears under the control of the opposing army, roll a dice. On a 4 or more, it automatically falls under your control.
6 Sacred Lair. Choose any one piece of terrain on the table before any models are deployed. All friendly units within 6” of this terrain may re-roll failed Saves.



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