Battleplan: Treasure Hunt

Couldn’t stop myself. Had to take a swing at doing a Battleplan for Age of Sigmar…

Incidentally, will be creating a couple of pages later this week that will archive all file downloads in one place. You’ll just be able to click on the menu on the left hand side of the page to access them all as lovely PDFs rather than having to suffer my really, really bad formatting skills in WordPress.


Treasure Hunt

The old civilisations of the Mortal Realms, all but lost to history after the scourge of Chaos swept over them, can be veritable troves for those willing to brave danger in the search. Many ruins have been picked clean by scavengers over the centuries but a few remain intact under the weight of dust and decay. When previously hidden ruins are discovered, opposing armies can clash as they seek to be the first to uncover the treasures of a past age.

This battleplan describes the meeting of two armies among ruins that contain a hidden wealth of knowledge, magic or great riches. You could use it to represent a force of Stormcast Eternals seeking vital secrets in a ruined city recently unearthed by the powerful magic of Chaos, only to discover an opportunistic Skaven warlord has already started to pillage it. Or perhaps the Sylvaneth are desperately trying to recover the wilting essence of life within a dying forest as the Rotbringers seek to twist the same treasures to their own foul purposes.


The Armies

Each player picks an army, and then must decide who will be the brigand and who will be the preserver.

If one player has at least a third more models than their opponent, then their opponent’s general can choose one of the Relic Seeker command abilities below in addition to any others they have.


Preserver’s Objectives

Days of fruitless searching may be over. Your forces have combed this region tirelessly, seeking a precious treasure sacred to your people. By following the portents and signs, you have arrived at this place, certain it holds the key to what you seek. However, the enemy have arrived before you and are already scouring the land to steal what is rightfully yours. You must push them back long enough to find your treasures so they can be taken safely back home.


Brigand’s Objectives

The enemy has spent too long in your territory, poking around old ruins and digging under the ground – they are obviously looking for something and if they are putting this much effort into it, it must be valuable! Earlier, your scouts reported an enemy force had been dispatched to an area you know well. Guessing that whatever they were looking for would be there, you rallied your own troops and got their first. Now you must quickly discover what is so valuable before the enemy swipes it from under your nose!


Relic Seeker Command Abilities

Daylight Robbery: If you use this command ability, your general dispatches his sneakiest troops to steal treasures the enemy has already located. Pick a friendly unit within 18” of the general. If an enemy unit is within 3” of it, roll one dice. Deduct this amount from Relics your opponent has found and add it to your own total.

Collapsed Tunnel: If you use this command ability, your general ensures by means of magic, miners or brute strength that a terrain feature cannot be plundered by anyone. Select any terrain feature within 18” of the general. Until your next hero phase, no unit from either army can plunder it for Relics.


The Battlefield

The battle takes place in a desolate wilderness where ruins have been uncovered by the wind, an earthquake or magic. Dust and sand is everywhere, while across the plain walls, toppled towers and the remnants of magnificent structures jut unevenly out of the ground.

You can either generate the scenery for this battle as described on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet, or use the example scenery shown on the map below.

Battleplan - Treasure Hunt Map


The players set up their armies as described on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet.


First Turn

Use the instructions on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet to determine who takes the first turn.


Plundering Ruins

Every terrain feature on the battlefield is a potential trove of treasure of great value to either army. However, each terrain feature must be thoroughly searched and excavated if it is to yield all its secrets.

A unit with at least one model on a terrain feature may attempt to plunder it if there are no enemy units within 6” of the feature. To plunder terrain, models within the unit select one melee weapon and then roll to attack as normal. The terrain feature does not make any Save rolls.

Every successful wound caused by the unit will garner its army one Relic. You should keep track of how many Relics each army accumulates throughout the battle.


Relics of Power

Most Relics discovered during this battle will have a value only truly realised after long days or weeks of study. However, some will possess obvious power that can be unleashed upon the enemy.

For every 20 Relics you acquire, you may make one roll on the Triumph table in your next hero phase. This may be the Triumph table on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet or, if you are using Time of War rules for a particular Realm or region, you may roll on that instead.

The effects of the Triumph are applied immediately.



Do not use any of the victory conditions on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet.

The first player to accumulate 100 Relics or remove all of his opponent’s models from the battlefield will win a major victory.




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