Avenging Angels

Finished off the flying division (sorry, Angelos Conclave) of the Stormcasts last night. I was hoping that the Celestant-Prime would be done at the same time but I chose a different colour scheme for him and, as it turns out, there is an awful lot of detail on him! The main body is pretty much done, but the double cloak set up gave me cause to re-assess my efforts – hopefully he will be joining his friends after this coming weekend.

Anyway, on with the angels!


There are three sets of Prosecutors here, one from the starter set and two from the stand-alone box set. They are led by a Knight-Azyros, ably assisted by a Knight-Venator.


While the starter set Prosecutors come with twin hammers, I went with javelin and shield (with an added trident in each unit) for the box set guys. I just think they look better (and, in Age of Sigmar, that is all you need!), and push the ‘Greek hero’ angle of the Stormcasts a bit further. In game terms, they put down less shots but, at range, can pack a bigger punch. The trident helps with that, and shields can help such a small unit stay alive just that little bit longer.

Painting Hallowed Knight Stormcasts is a very quick process;

  • Black Undercoat
  • Runefang Steel Base on the armour, Caledor Blue on the shoulder pads, Rhino Hide on the tabard, Khorne Red on the weapon hafts.
  • Drown the whole lot in Nuln Oil, then mark out the deeper recesses of the armour with Nightshade.
  • Gehenna Gold on the, well, gold bits, followed by Reikland Fleshshade.
  • Go over all colours with their orginal shade, except the gold which is highlighted with Runefang Steel very lightly.
  • The wings are pure white, and then you are pretty much done!


The leader of this little pack is the Knight-Azyros, with his sword and lantern. I had originally just done the light in the centre of the lantern (Averland Sunset/Bad Moonz Yellow/Ceramite White) but, on finishing that bit, decided it would look better if I made the whole thing glow round it. Repeated those steps for the rest of the lantern’s interior, with a dash of Carroburg Yellow for a shade.


If you are an enemy Hero, this is the really nasty guy of the bunch – the Knight-Venator, or the ‘one-shot, one-kill sniper’, as he is also known. Even his bird is vicious.

The problematic area on this model was the phoenix. I looked at how GW did theirs, and was immediately stymied that (for whatever reason) I have no turquoise paint of any description! So, I decided to be a little more traditional and went for a fiery phoenix.


Painted the whole bird with Mephiston Red first, then drowned it in Nuln Oil. From there, it was just drybrushed in progressively lighter colours, starting with Wzadakka Red, then going through Troll Slayer Orange, Bad Moonz Yellow and finally a light dusting of Ceramite White. The trick was to concentrate the colours progressively towards the body and leading edges of the wings to make it look like this was where the bird was ‘hottest’.

I think it has not turned out as half as terrible as I thought it would when I started and, once the Nuln Oil dried, it was literally three minutes work. No skill/talent required!


Age of Sigmar Scheduling

Those watching GW’s releases will know that with this week’s coming of Skarbrand, Age of Sigmar is getting a rest for a bit in favour of the Tau. There are rumours that there will be another set of releases for Sigmar before the end of the year (a new army, it sounds like) but, for now, I am happy this will give me a chance to catch up on the paining.

The Knights-Vexillor and Heraldor are both sitting on my painting table. With the Celestant-Prime, these are the last of the Stormcasts to be done (though I am very tempted to add a unit of five Retributors to the mix…).

Skarbrand (a daemon who is very angry) is the last of the Khorne releases, which is fortunate, as I have quite a few Khorne models to do now, and they are all characters, from Valkia the Bloody to an Aspiring Deathbringer. I am thinking they will take me a week or so to get through and I would like to add some Wrathmongers, Skullreapers and Mighty Skullcrushers before I properly move on from Khorne.

The Nurgle-worshipping Rotbringers have not had much attention from me up to now, aside from a handful of daemons. These models are primarily ten Blightkings which I may start this weekend, along with a handful of more characters – however, the big projects here (literally) are the Glottkin and a Maggoth Lord. Looking forward to doing them, but I want to do a good job and preparation is everything…

Like others, I would very, very much like to have a large Dreadhold on the table, but I am in absolutely no rush to tackle that. However, I have already started the (first) Skull Keep, and want to add both a Bastion and Gate to that before the end of the year. Which gives me a target.

Finally, I started the Bleak Horde (Tzeentch) last knight, with the base colours on 8 Chaos Knights. This is another force I won’t be tackling too seriously, but Chaos Warriors are quick and easy enough to do, so a unit will get popped in now and again.

Then I just have to contend with the hankering I have been developing for a force of, say, five Aleguzzler Gargants – the idea of a bunch of drunk giants, flailing their way to towards the enemy is too cool to ignore!



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