Knights-Vexillor and -Heraldor

Finished two more leaders of the Stormcasts last night, but I have a fair shed-load of models half done on the painting table. Events have aligned themselves to leave me with an entire weekend with nothing to do but sit back, relax, and do a bit of painting so I am hoping to get through quite a bit; Blightkings, Chaos Warriors, a couple more Chaos Knights, the Celestant-Prime and, with a degree of luck and work, a few Khornate characters. Also want to put together some more Dreadhold pieces, Skullreapers and maybe, just maybe, a Maggoth Lord and Glottkin. That is if I do not get too distracted by the new Blood Bowl game and Forza 6, but I digress…


First up is the Knight-Vexillor, a standard bearer for the Stormcasts. This one has not come out too bad, though looking at the photo I could have done a bit more highlighting on his shoulder pad (might be more the way the camera works, to be fair, the iPhone can introduce a weird pixelating effect on miniatures). Technically, I should be looking at getting another one of these chaps as he can also carry a banner with different effects, but I am in absolutely no rush. I would need another unit of Retributors first, and I really don’t need a unit of Retributors!

Once the Celestant-Prime is done, the Stormcasts really don’t need much, if anything, added to their ranks so I should really be concentrating on the Chaos forces for now.


Quite like how the sword and scale mail turned out on the Knight-Heraldor, less happy with the hammer design on the pennant (reaching the limits of talent when things get that small and that neat), but the overall effect works I think. This guy should be useful when nasty Chaos things start hiding in the Dreadhold – a quick blast of his trumpet will shake them loose.

Oh, and contrary to what some forum posts have said, he is not looking down his trumpet – in fact, without some twisting and mis-mounting, it is impossible to make him do so…

The only other real comment to make on these guys is that GW seem to have stopped producing their Dead Grass flock, which was vaguely annoying as that is what most of my Age of Sigmar models have been using. However, they do produce something called Mordheim Turf, which I tried out on these two models – and I may never go back to the Dead Grass again!

This turf is sold in small self-adhesive tufts, removing the need for using glue which is brilliant as a time- and hassle-saver. It also ends up looking more ‘3D’. I am a complete convert…


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