The Rotbringers Cometh

I got a major lot done this weekend. With no bother, no distractions, I could sit down with Mad Max and the Big Bang Theory box set, and just chill out and paint. Good for recharging the batteries too!

More piccies coming in the week as a few bits and pieces are just waiting finishing touches (like basing) but the big project was finally getting the Rotbringers well and truly started, ready for the upcoming campaign in the Realm of Life.


For the ‘basic’ troops, I am going to be using Nurgle-ised Chaos Warriors. These guys, as it turns out, are super-fast to go through. I need a clutch more to properly fill out the force, and I am relying on eBay (and not wanting to pay too much for them!), so that is a process, but a dozen is a good start!


The armour is Castellan Green, washed with Agrax Earthshade (as was the whole model, incidentally), with the base colour reapplied and then a highlight of Straken Green added. Simples!


These guys are the main party piece, however. Once you have a solid wall of Chaos Warriors, the Putrid Blightkings are needed to start battering the enemy down and generally start infecting him with all manner of nasty diseases.

I really like these guys. From the End Times range, you get a good feeling that each one is an individual and while the poses are mostly ‘set’, there is an awful lot of variation possible in the kit. I think you could certainly do another five of these easily, without getting the feeling there has been any duplication.


These two shield guys are a good example of that. I also like the ‘motion’ in these models, you really get the feeling that they are about to batter an enemy shield wall into the ground.


I am using this guy as the unit leader. With the scythe and gammy leg, it is nicely iconic of Nurgle.


The standard bearer is based on the same base body as the leader above, which you can see in its right leg – but note how just about everything else on this model is different…


This model is probably my favourite. You are not going to miss which model is the musician in this group – that is one hefty bell!


Some Nurgle type humour is present too. Check out the Nurgling struggling to break free from this guy’s stomach. Oh, and that is not a staff he is holding – it is an extendible tentacle coming out of the underside of his arm.


There are lots of open sores on these models, and I used the Nurgle’s Rot technical paint whenever things got quite ‘internal’. If you are doing a Nurgle force, you really need to check out this paint. It just works.


I needed some leaders for the Rotbringers, of course, and I kicked the little command group off with the Lord of Plagues.  A nice, simple model, but one that really dfefines the look and feel of Nurgle warriors. His armour is done the same colour as the Chaos Warriors and Blightkings, but I did his skin a ‘healthier’ colour, that better shows up all the lesions and pustules. Note the use of Nurgle’s Rot again on the pus coming out of his stomach.

In the Realm of Life campaign, this chap will be Torglug the Despised.


The first of the ‘true’ named characters for the Rotbringers is Gutrot Spume. In the novels, he is one of the several bnamed characters all trying to find Alarielle’s secret glade and thus gain the favour of the Glottkin. Quite like this model, and though it seemed a bit daunting at first, like many others, once you get down to it, it is fairly easy to paint.

And that is the first proper start to my Rotbringers force! They get added to the Blightmage and Nurgle daemons I did a little earlier, and will now continue to grow.

Speaking of which, as I mentioned first of all, I managed to get a lot done this weekend. Piccies are coming, but it includes finding the limit of my talent (the Celestant-Prime), a whole bunch of Khorne characters, another Nurgle leader who I did not quite finish off with the rest, and putting together Skulltakers, Wrathmongers, an entire clutch of Khorne and Nurgle daemons, and the next part of my ongoing Chaos Dreadhold project.




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  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    They look good man. I need to get me a Lord of Plagues. He looks great

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