The Limit of Talent

Every now and again, I talk about getting near my limit of talent when it comes to painting. Well, this weekend, I well and truly found that line!

The Celestant-Prime of the Stormcasts appears at first glance like many other GW models. First you think it is going to be a hell of job with all sorts of detailing needed, but then when you break it down into its components, it is actually quite easy. In the case of the Celestant-Prime, you might think wings, body, swirly bits at the bottom.

Turns out the first impression is the right one on this model!


It is not that this is a difficult model per se, it is just that I can see it would benefit from someone with just a tad more talent than I possess. Specifically, when it comes to the cloak detail on the back;


I started doing well with the shading and highlighting on the red, but the wheels started coming off with the white and gold detailing. The swirly bits (the orrery) could have done with a bit more skill and expertise as well.

I don’t think I have done badly here. It is just someone else could have done things a bit better, is all…

Anyway, with regards to the actual painting…

I went with the traditional gold armour on this model, as there is supposed to be just one Celestant-Prime, and having one gold guy among all my silver Hallowed Knights will serve to make him stand out all the more and say ‘I am important!’ There is a silver/Hallowed Knights Celestant-Prime in the Stormcast book, but I believe my thinking here is sound.

I used the Retributor Gold for this (paid £1 more for extra shiny gold paint – yeah, I know…), and used the painting guide in the Age of Sigmar starter set for the armour. The wings are just plain white, as with my Prosecutors.

The orrery, as I have done it, is quite simple – start off with dark blue and purple, wash, and then drybrush the highlights, concentrating on the heads of the meteors.

The biggest pain was the white cloak, which is dark blue from the rear – I cannot tell you how many times I corrected and re-corrected the dividing line between white and blue.

A lot of effort for a model that probably won’t appear on the table all that often, but at least the Stormcasts have an answer to the Bloodthirster now. This is also likely the last Stormcast model I will do for a while, as their ranks are fairly well filled out – though I do think I ought to be looking at doing just one more squad of Retributors in time for the AoS doubles event at GW HQ next month…


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