Time of War: Valkia the Bloody

Just a little something I have been tinkering with for a possible campaign. Need more work on the campaign itself, but this Time of War sheet is good to go…

As always, a PDF of this can be downloaded from here.


Time of War: Valkia the Bloody

When Valkia the Bloody enters the Mortal Realms ahead of a raiding host, Khorne’s own wrath comes with her. The following rules recreate the battlefield conditions that prevail during these murderous assaults. They can be used at any time when Valkia the Bloody leads a Bloodbound or Khorne-based daemon army.


Brimstone Gale

When Valkia the Bloody leads a raid in the Mortal Realms, her forces are preceded by a brimstone gale that cowers enemies into submission and blasts the flesh from their bones.

While the brimstone gale is blowing, add 2 to the Bravery of all models in Valkia’s army, and subtract 2 from the Bravery of all models not in her army.

At the end of every battle round, roll a dice and add the number of complete battle rounds the game has lasted to the score. If the result is 6 or more, the brimstone gale abates and dies down.


Wrathful Revenge

However many times Valkia the Bloody falls, Khorne will always bring her back to his service on the condition she seeks revenge.

If Valkia the Bloody is within 2” any enemy HERO who killed her in a previous battle, she can re-roll all failed to hit and to wound rolls in the combat phase.


Legions of Khorne

Once per battle, Valkia the Bloody may implore Khorne for daemonic aid in your hero phase, confident that he will grant the request of his favourite servant. When you do so, roll a dice and refer to the table below to see what help (if any) is received. You can set these units up so that all the models in them are within 9” of Valkia the Bloody and more than 9” away from the enemy. This counts as their move in the movement phase of that turn.

If you do not have the correct models for any result rolled, you may select the next lowest result.

D6 Result
1 Ignored: The Blood God’s attention is elsewhere and Valkia the Bloody is ignored. No aid is sent.
2 Bloodletter Warband: Khorne sends 1 unit of Bloodletters.
3 Champion of Khorne: Khorne sends a Herald of Khorne, Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut or a Blood Throne of Khorne.
4 Khorne’s Regiment: Khorne sends 1 unit of Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers or Flesh Hounds of Khorne.
5 Battalion of Khorne: Khorne sends D3 units of Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers, Flesh Hounds of Khorne or Skull Cannon of Khorne.
6 Rage Incarnate: Khorne sends Skulltaker or a Bloodthirster of any type.


Valkia the Bloody Triumphs

If you win a major victory in a battle involving Valkia the Bloody, you can roll on the following table instead of the Triumph table on the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar rules sheet in your next battle. No triumph can be given to a HERO who follows ORDER.

D6 Reward
1 Chaos Spawn: Pick a HERO in your army. It is immediately turned into a CHAOS SPAWN! If you picked Valkia the Bloody, re-roll this result.
2 Fury of the Blood God: If any units (from either side) are wiped out, then all your units may re-roll their charge rolls in the next battle round.
3 The Blood Must Flow: If any HERO in your army wipes out an enemy unit, he can add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of all his melee weapons.
4 Flesh Hounds: Roll D3. You may add a unit of this many Flesh Hounds to your army during your next battle.
5 Blood Frenzy: Once per battle a single HERO in your army may double the Attacks characteristics for all his melee weapons in the next combat phase.
6 Collar of Khorne: Pick a HERO in your army. That model has been gifted with a Collar of Khorne and can now unbind spells as if he were a WIZARD.




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