Letting Slip the Dogs of War

I wasn’t going to post these, but I quite liked the way they turned out – just a unit of Chaos Warhounds, not really on my painting list and were just done because I knew they would be quick and easy. As it turns out, that doesn’t mean they cannot be quite acceptable.

There is a video on Youtube showing another fast way of doing these Warhounds but they are done a deep red – looks really good, but it is overall a little too suggestive of khorne (to be fair to the painter, that was exactly what he was aiming for), whereas I wanted mine more generic so they would fit into any Chaos force. Having a separate unit of Warhounds for each Chaos force would, frankly, be madness (going to be taking the same approach to my beastmen, keeping them all fairly neutral, as I will be wanting to use them for at least Nurgle and Tzeentch, if not Khorne).


So, I wanted to keep them fairly, well, doggy-coloured, and let the various mutations mark them out as something a bit different. For this, I took inspiration from the painting guide GW supplied with White Dwarf way back when. On that chart, you can do the traditional base/shade/layer approach, or take an alternate method, that of doing base/highlight/shade. I didn’t have the colours I needed for the former, but had just the ticket for the latter!


These really are super-quick to do and, honestly, you could do 20 or 30 at a time and it would not take much longer. Just depends on how many doggies you want (and they go for peanuts on eBay).

Start with a Mournfang Brown base colour all over (and, to speed things up, I have a feeling GW do a spray can of this), then drybrush with Tyrant Skull – feels a bit weird, and it will look like the highlights are too sharp, but that is taken care of with the next stage, an all over Agrax Earthshade wash.


This blends the highlights into the brown and pretty much completes the bodies of the dogs! Next stage, Abaddon Black on that big shaggy bit of hair in the middle. Dryb rush with first Skavenblight Dirge then (very lightly) Celestial Grey, and you are done!


Horns and spines next, and for this I did the standard bone thing – Zandri Dust, Agrax wash (if you planned ahead you could do that alongside the wash you did on the body, and do the hair afterwards, might save you a bit of time), then drybrush Ushabti Bone and white/Tyrant Skull.

That just leaves the various mutations such as tentacles and scorpion tails, which can be done to taste – I used relatively bright colours to make them stand out and highlight the fact these are Chaos Warhounds.


Job done!

Looking at their Warscroll, these doggies are not particularly hard but they are very fast and have two attacks each – used in a block of ten, they will cause some consternation to the enemy and will force him to take action against them. They will probably make their first appearance when the campaign switches to the Realm of Life.



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