Herald Can Haz Wheelz?

I picked up a Herald of Khorne a little while ago, and very nice he is too. He has already popped up in a few battles and makes for a good ‘mid-level’ Hero for Khornate forces that have a daemonic twist. But, I thought to myself, suppose he doesn’t want to walk everywhere?


The answer had to be a Blood Throne!


When I picked this kit up, I hummed and harred about whether to do it as a Blood Throne or Skull Cannon, as you can make either from the box. IN the end, I shied away from the Skull Cannon, as ranged attacks are not really Khorne’s thing and as they come in units, I might have put myself on a path where I was trying to justify having three of them – and still be after a Blood Throne. So, this was better.


Two things become quickly apparent with this model. First off, it is bigger than it looks. In a small force, it is going to be a serious centrepiece and in larger armies, it will still be holding its head up alongside the big monsters.

Second, it is really quick to paint.


The main body is Balthasar Gold, with the same Agrax shade and Necron Compound drybrush that the Skull Keep used. That does about 70% of the model. After that, it is just a matter of painting the Bloodletters (never a long job), the red bits on the chariot (Khorne Red base) and a few of the other metal parts (Leadbelcher) such as the chains, suspension and exhausts.



This chap came about a week late for our big Khorne daemon battle in the campaign, but I am sure he will pop up at some point.

The only thing left on my painting table at the moment is Skarbrand, who is half finished but I am not sure he will be completed before the weekend. I have a very special project lined up for the weekend (taking advantage of group painting day), and I have also been spending time putting together some Chaos Warriors and Beastmen for the next few projects after that…


2 Responses to “Herald Can Haz Wheelz?”

  1. Gregory Romans Says:

    I suggest dry brushing the bloodletters’ backs. I am currently agonising over which to choose but am leaning towards the cannon because it can do both melee and range.

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