An Even Angrier Guy

A Bloodthirster is pretty angry, but if you want absolute fury, it has to be Skarbrand…


I used pretty much the same painting techniques as the original Bloodthirster for this guy, from skin to armour to wings. He has a bit more armour than the other and his axes are a bit more complicated but that is compensated for by not having a fragile twirly whip.


Skarbrand is fairly battered overall, with shredded wings held together by chains, broken horns and half his face worn down to the skull. He also looks a little smaller overall than the Bloodthirster, but this is more down to a different pose and wings that are not outstretched. You won’t be disappointed with Skarbrand, and I think he wil only improve once he gets onto the table…


Anyway, just a quickie today, as I am currently working on the Big Project…


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