Nothing but a Bastion

I haven’t been able to get through a huge amount of late, due to various events, appointments and inevitable annoyances. I managed to squeeze out a handful of Nurgle Chaos Warriors earlier this week but, other than that, my painting schedule is completely shot and will not be getting back on track for a couple of weeks at least.

Still, I did manage to put together the Overlord Bastion – and if you thought the new Skull Keep was big, this building is something else. This is what one of my new Nurgle Chaos Warriors looks like next to it…


Absolutely dwarfed by it. He certainly isn’t going to be climbing up the big tower in a hurry. In fact, winged Prosecutors are going to have issues doing it in a single bound.

So, how does an Imperial Knight stack up against it?


Quite poorly, as it happens! This picture really shows just how towering the Bastion is. And now with the Skull Keep that will be keeping it company;


Anyway, on my desk at the moment with absolutely no chance of being done before the weekend, I have a bunch of Nurgle models – a Maggoth Lord, a Harbinger of Decay, the Glottkin, and a Forge World Great Unclean One. They have their base colours done (more or less), but there is a lot of detailing to do. Still, as a group, they are going to look simply awesome when done!

I also need to do a bunch of walls, a gate and this Bastion within the next month or so, as we will be needing them for our campaign.

Added to that, I have started developing a hankering to put red-glowy internal lighting in the Skull Keep and Bastion…


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