Okay, this one is a bit of a left turn at the traffic lights.

I was at a show last weekend, in Peterborough, and I saw this little item – something that could work very well as a Beastman tribe’s Herdstone…


I passed by a stand and saw this, but it had no price tag. The chap said it was £20, but he was willing to haggle. However, the show was quite quiet and I felt a bit sorry for him (a British disease), so £20 was handed over.

Now, I cannot actually remember the name of the company I bought this from, nor whether they were the actual manufacturer, so Beastman players may have to hit Google if they are after one of these themselves. Still, it would be worth it, as it is quite a sizeable and impressive model!


It is also very, very quick to paint. Spray black, paint Mechanicus Grey, Nuln Oil wash, then drybrush Mechanicus Grey, Celestial Grey and White – and that is the model about 90% done!

The base, other than the rocks, was Rhino Brown with a Nuln Oil wash, drybrushed Karak Stone, and then static grass was  stuck on most of the surface area, with rocks and a bit of earth poking out.


The last thing was the glowing runes, and I wavered on doing these as I knew they would likely require a level of accuracy that I don’t normally employ. As it turned out, they were simples!

Caliban Green was used in the recesses, and a thin brush got the Warpstone Glow round the edges. A touch of Waywatcher Green over both afterwards and they were done – glowing nicely!

Now, you may be wondering why a Chaos Warrior is standing at the foot of this model. It is because I wanted to show scale and don’t have any actual Beastmen yet! However, some can by eBay purchases have been made, and I spent part of last weekend removing Gors from square bases and sticking them to 32mm rounds. Not on the painting schedule yet, but it should not be too long before I have some beasties cavorting round this stone…

Speaking of painting, I am going to be losing this weekend as well as I am up to Nottingham for the Age of Sigmar Doubles event – should be able to do a report on Monday!

I am also expecting the new Seraphon book to hit my desk today. If it arrives early enough, I’ll do a bit of reading and let you know what it is like.


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