Harbinger of Decay

I haven’t managed to get a huge amount done of late, what with various events and work-related annoyances preying upon my time, but the odd model is getting the odd bit of attention here and there and several projects are getting a little closer to completion. Hopefully by the end of this weekend I will be properly back on track.

However, I did manage to get this chap done, and it is probably one of my favourite GW models at the moment due to its sheer evocative nature – the Harbinger of Decay from the Rotbringers force.


This model just oozes corruption, authority and general nastiness!


I had put painting this guy off for a while (I put him together at the same time as the Blightmage, Plague Lord and Gutrot Spume, so he has been sitting on the side for a good long while) as he seemed really complicated to paint with all those subtle browns and greens. However, as is often the way, once I sat down and started him, things became a lot clearer.


I started with the horse, with a base coat of Dryad Bark, drybrushed with Baneblade Brown and Tyrant Skull, then washed with Agrax. The mane and tail were Dryad Bark, washed with Agrax, and then drybrushed with Karak Stone. And that was it, horse done – about 60% of the model. That was enough to motivate me to get the rest finished!


I started with the metal for the rider, a mix of Leadbelcher and copper, in common with the armour of other Nurgle models I have done (thus linking the army together). I used the normal Leadbelcher/Balthasar Gold base, washed with Nuln Oil/Agrax, and then highlighted with Runefang on both.


The robe and scabbard were just a Castellan Green base, washed with Agrax and then highlighted with Lothern Fporest (I think it is called). Again, same colours as I use on the Nurgle Chaos Warriors and Blightkings, providing another link to the wider force.


I am no photographer, but I do quite like this picture, as it shows off the rider really nicely!

Anyway, after all that, it was just a case of doing the details – the skulls and sacks hanging from the saddle, and the rope used as reins.


Mustn’t forget the bird and signpost either. The signpost I did in the same colours as the trees on my Citadel Woods (Dryad Bark, Agrax, Karak Stone). I veered towards my Talent Limit with the writing on the signpost, but managed to find a reference in the Realm of Life campaign that did not need many letters!

The bird was simplicity itself – black, then two shades of grey drybrushing. Simples!

And that was it, one completed Harbinger of Decay. Really did not take long overall, just needed to fit it in-between Real Life.

Currently sitting on my painting table, and I am really hoping I can complete them all together as they will make for an awesome post here, are the ‘Heavyweights of Nurgle’ as I have started to call them – a Maggoth Lord, the Glottkin, and a Forge World Great Unclean One. Aiming to get them done over the weekend, though I have just had a bunch of Chaos Warriors arrive (eBay purchase) and I am itching to give them the Tzeentch/Bleak Horde treatment to go alongside the Knights I did a while ago!


2 Responses to “Harbinger of Decay”

  1. beastsofnurgle Says:

    Great stuff mate, going to try replicate that horse method on a unit of marauder horsemen I’ve got to do!

  2. Richard Purvis Says:

    Really good job! Thank you for the paint details too 🙂

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