Herdstone Warscroll

Having painted up a Herdstone for my soon-to-be-coming Beastmen, I obviously needed a Warscroll for it!

I was going to do all sorts of twinky things but, in the end, decided to just keep things simple and, where possible, use existing tools. So, this will seem quite familiar but it does the job with no complications.

You can download a PDF of this Warscroll from the usual place.



A Herdstone consists of a single model. It is a tall stone inscribed with foul runes dedicated to Chaos.



The following rules are used for this scenery (do not roll on the Scenery Table on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules sheet).

Arcane: Add 1 to the result of any casting or unbinding rolls made for a Brayherd Wizard within 3″ of the Herdstone.

Absorb Magic: Roll a dice each time a Brayherd unit within 3″ of a Herdstone suffers a wound or a mortal wound caused by a spell. On a 5 or a 6, the magical energy is absorbed by the Herdstone and that wound is ignored.




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