Hold on to Your Lunch…

It took a week longer than I had first predicted, but I have almost, sort of, just about finished what I have dubbed the Heavyweights of Nurgle. The Harbinger of Decay was meant to be part of this group (as one of the Rotbringers leadership), but regular readers will have seen he got polished off rather quicker. However, the rest of the Heavyweights are either done or just getting the final details sorted; the Glottkin, the Maggoth Lord Morbidex Twiceborn and, featured today, a Great Unclean One from Forge World.


I had kidded myself that all three models would be relatively quick to do because, well, they are all basically one colour each, right? As it turns out, surface area ios a factor as well…

I wanted this guy over the metal/Finecast one primarily because of his size – the current Citadel model is small enough that it looks like a Stormcast could have a serious go at just nutting it and with the Realm of Life campaign coming up, I wanted something with… presence on the table.

The base colour was identical to the one I used on the Glottkin (piccies coming next week!), a base of Nurgling Green, washed with Biel-Tan, then drybrushed with Nurgling again – simple, and the key reason I thought I might be able to do these models quickly.


What started to slow things down were all the weeping sores and pustules – they took rather longer than expected. The latter ended up looking ‘okay’ on the Great Unclean One but, as you will later see, they are far better on the Glottkin as the plastic has a much crisper definition that took the shading of them far better. However, solong as the Great Unclean One does not stand too closely to the Glottkin, you will never notice!


Once the base colours are done, this model has massive potential for the Gross out Factor, due to his body splitting open all over the place. For these areas, I used a base of Khorne Red, washed with Fleshshade and highlighted with Khorne and Mephiston – and then I dolloped massive amounts of the Technical paint Blood for the Blood God into the open wounds. This, well, works very well, making them all shiny and icky.


And you cannot have a Great Unclean One without Nurgle’s Rot coming out! I basically dolloped (there really is not much finesse at this stage) it everywhere that was obviously ‘internal’ to the daemon, concentrating on its open bowels and also around the mouth.

That was it for the Great Unclean One, and he now awaits the arrival of the Hallowed Knights in the secret glades of the Realm of Life. Next up… Morbidex Twiceborn!


One Response to “Hold on to Your Lunch…”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    Awesome and the fact that it makes me want to vomit is a BIG Plus!! Hehe great work mate

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