The Dreadhold Expands

I mentioned yesterday that all my Abaddon Black was used up this weekend due to a special project, meaning I could not finish the Glottkin. So, what was so important that it leap-frogged the leaders of the Rotbringers? I present to you a (mostly) fully-fledged Chaos Dreadhold!


The Skull Keep I completed earlier (see previous post), so this weekend was all about getting the Malefic Gate and four wall sections (two of which come with the gate set itself). This is sufficient to make a decent ‘corner-table’ fortress, even if you do not have a Skull Keep to sit in the middle of the whole construction.

And very imposing it looks too!


As you can see in these photos, you can fit a lot of Chaos Warriors on the ramparts, and even more in the courtyard – perfect for a solid defence of the walls with a sallying force of heavy cavalry to drive back anyone who gets too close or chase after those pesky archers!


The actual painting of the Dreadhold is dead simple and I followed a suggested scheme in White Dwarf.

Metalwork: Balthasar Gold, Agrax Earthshade, Necron Conmpound
Stonework: Abaddon Black, Dark Reaper, Fenrisian Grey
Skulls: Tyrant Skull, Agrax Earthshade

Be aware, you need a lot of Gold and Agrax for this model – a pot of Agrax will cover you for perhaps two wall sections, and you will need one and a half for the Skull Keep.  You will need only slightly less Gold and, for a fortress this size, perhaps two pots of Abaddon Black, especially if you plan to paint the Glottkin the same weekend…


As for the time taken, there is really nothing complicated here, and you will probably spend more time waiting for the Agrax to dry than actually painting. A weekend of dedicated work would see you doing this entire fortress, Skull Keep included.


You cannot argue with the effect though. Even with these few simple pieces, the Dreadhold makes for an imposing focus for any table, and it is not as expensive as it first seems; this is, after all, just a Malefic Gate and two extra sections of wall. The Skull Keep is entirely optional and also just happens to be the cheapest box set in retail for the Dreadhold (individual wall sections are available only by mail order).

Speaking of the Skull Keep, I managed to do a special little modification on that as well, which I will cover in a post tomorrow!

So, what will be next for the Dreadhold? Will I keep expanding it?

I think, having got this far, I kinda have to!

The next major addition will be the Bastion, which works as a fortress in its own right or a magnificent keep for a larger construction. It is also the largest of the component of the Dreadhold by far, so I will be stocking up on paints first!

After that, it will all be about the walls, the cheapest and easiest sections to do. I figure, ultimately, I will have a dozen of these done (so a third of the way there already!) to make a ‘circle’ fortress that can sit in the middle of the table. Maybe an extra Skull Keep later on – I have absolutely no intention of doing that mega-fortress that needs eight Skull Keeps!


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