March of the Bleak Horde

Sitrep on the Glottkin: Still not finished. As it turns out, while the main body of the Glottkin may seem fairly uniform and easy (it isn’t, on both counts) there are a lot of little details elsewhere and I keep finding new things to do. Almost complete though, hoping to get it done over the weekend.

My delay over the Glottkin may have something to do with these guys, of course, which I kinda just ‘slipped in’ the painting queue. Regular readers will remember the Tzeentch Chaos Knights I did for the Bleak Horde in the Realm of Metal – now they have foot troops!


These guys were done in the same scheme as the Knights (Ironbreaker with two coats of Guilliman Blue), but I took a leaf out of the Age of Sigmar books and gave them bright red cloaks.


These guys will form the core of the Bleak Horde when we move onto the Realm of Metal campaign and, with the Knights done too, I really just need a few characters (wizards already half done) and some Tzeentch daemons.


I am somewhat lacking in the number of unit leaders and standard bearers (at least, compared to the Chaos Warriors of the Rotbringers), but I figure a typical Tzeentch force will have access to more than enough spellcasting to balance things up. And not every army need be the same.

So, would this unit of 12 be enough for the campaign? Of course not – which is why I did another 24 friends for them at the same time…


I really wasn’t going to paint 36 models at once, as my days of the big batches really are over (for now, at least). However, I had based all 36 together and figured that, being Chaos Warriors, the initial stages of painting could be done quickly – I would just do the base colour and blue washes, you know, get them all up to a certain point before splitting out a dozen of them at a time for finishing.

The trouble was, after the base coating and washes, I figured the cloaks would be really quick too. And I might as well do the weapons, because that would be a quick job.

By the time I got to the intricate work (the gold detailing), it was pretty much the last thing to do – so I found myself thinking I might as well get it all over with at once!

Anyway, these guys are what principally caused the delay of the Glottkin but, plus point, I now have all the core troops done for the Bleak Horde.

Oh, and I also got the extra unit of Retributors I have been promising myself completed as well.


These models are also very quick to do, and five take a laughably short space of time. It also means I now have a ‘full’ unit of five Retributors who can seriously bring the hurt to the enemies of Sigmar. The problem now is that, with two units, I am just one short of the battalion that can actually destroy terrain pieces. Now, if this were Warhammer or 40k, I would probably get another unit pronto. However, Age of Sigmar does not really work that way. But destroying terrain is cool.



One Response to “March of the Bleak Horde”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    Whoa! The chaos Knights look fantastic. The blue is really striking. Well done

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