The Overlord Bastion

I have been keeping busy of late but between work and a broken computer (the latter being really annoying), I haven’t actually managed to get a great deal finished. On the other hand, I have managed to put together and/or re-base a huge amount of models (Skaven, Seraphon and Beastmen, among many, many others) in preparation for my Christmas break project – so, expect a rash of posts in early January if all goes to plan.

All that said, I have managed to get one model finished this week, and a blinking big one it is too. I present… the Overlord Bastion!


This is the biggest component available for the Chaos Dreadhold and, it has to be said, I am not eager to paint another! However, I am happy now it is finished, as it is a very fine centrepiece for any table and, when surrounded by walls and towers, will make for an awe-inspiring castle.


The paint scheme is exactly the same as for the Skull Keep, gate and walls I have already polished off, all derived form the painting guide that was published in White Dwarf.

The most notable factor of the Bastion has to be its size, I think. If anyone is under the illusion that the Skull Keep can be described as big (and it can), then they have not seen the Bastion which fairly towers above it.


As you can see, I went ahead and put red LED lights in this model, just as I did with the Skull Keep – and I think it looks great! Gives the model just the right amount of menace.

I did not drill this model (as I did with the Skull Keep) to get the wires through the floors. Instead, and this was a little bit lazy I admit, the battery pack for each light is hidden within each individual level. This is a bit clumsy and incredibly fiddly to install through those small doors (frankly, it would have been easier to drill), and I may go back to this model at a later date and simply install all battery packs within the cavernous ground floor.


However, the lights are certainly a worthwhile addition, as I hope you agree.

The Bastion should be getting its first work out this weekend in a series of planned games set in the Realm of Life – come back next week for the battle reports and more piccies!


One Response to “The Overlord Bastion”

  1. Tony Says:

    Great looking model , very impressive , Tony

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