Plague on Wings

Just in time for the start of the campaign in the Realm of Life, I managed to finish off the Plague Drones, another daemon-type for Nurgle forces.


It has to be said, these were a royal pain to put together. Nothing amazingly complicated, it is just that six long legs and four long wings on each drone can lead to a lot of frustration – stick one on, move to another, the first begins to sag and drop off…

I would recommend that anyone else does just three of these guys at a time. Eight is probably too many.


The painting itself was not too bad. I hummed and harred about their colour schemes for a bit, but settled for doing the Plaguebearer riders in the same way as their on-foot counterparts, while the body of the drones themselves was copied from the Maggoth Lord I did a short while back – this provides a link between them and thus unifies the army as a whole.


The hard carapace is a Rhino Hide base, and mirrors the saddle of the Maggoth Lord, though this was less of a concious decision.


The wings are a base of Caliban Green which, again, mirrors usage in the rest of the army, specifically armour (when I do not start with a base of Castellan Green, anyway). This related/limited palette helps relate everything together but avoids everything being exactly the same which is something to avoid in forces as hodge-podge as Chaos.


The Technical paint Nurgle’s Rot popped up again, as both dripping poison/gunk and leakage from the open sores of the drones’ abdomens.


These guys should be getting their first (albeit limited) use in the first battles tomorrow, so we will see how they do!


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