Leaders of the Bleak Horde

I have been doing bits and pieces for the Tzeentch-based Bleak Horde in preparation of the forthcoming Realm of Metal campaign, and while models have been tackled in a ‘here and there’ kind of way I have just about competed everything I need. Well, sort of… the odd character is still needed and a bunch of daemons, but nothing that will take too long.

Anyway, regular readers will have already seen the Chaos Warriors and Knights that form the core of the Bleak Horde – and now they have some commanders to lead them into battle!


A little trio is all I really need for this force (though I want to add another Lord riding on he back of a Gorebeast Chariot at some point – but they tend to go for a pretty penny on eBay).


Speaking of eBay, I was quite pleased when I found this chap, a Chaos Lord on the back of a Manticore. They normally go for £20-30 on eBay, but I stuck to my guns and (eventually) snagged this guy for about a tenner – a bargain, however you look at it.


He took the paint very well too. The rider was done in the same fashion as the Chaos Warriors and Knights, with the armour being a base of Ironbreaker topped with two coats of Guilliman Blue – that is really all there is to it, no talent required!


After that, just details and, again, everything mirrors the Chaos Warriors, from the gold detailing to the bright red cloak. The chains streaming from his back worked well too, and were just a simple Leadbelcher/Nuln Oil/Runefang Steel deal.


For the Manticore itself, I kinda chickened out. I was basing it on a Chimera that appeared in White Dwarf, that was a deep purple but had bright blue highlights to suggest a magical nature. In the end, I went with the purple, but only did a very light drybrush of blue – I figured my talent would quickly run out if I went further…


This wizard is the current Chaos Sorcerer and, well, it worked out well enough though it is nothing spectacular. The model is plastic and has very sharp details but, again, my limit of talent was not able to take full advantage of that. Looks good enough for the tabletop, though nothing to be proud of.


The last wizard is going to be an underling and that, combined with the age of the model (and the fact that it already had paint on it when I started) gives me a suitable excuse for it not being to the normal standard.


Having three Chaos forces at my disposal now, I have started looking on eBay for some of the really old Chaos Champions and while some look a bit ropey compared to models of today, others are perfectly serviceable, and they make for a nice variation now and again.

It looks like my next big project is going to be (finally) a Beastman force, though a Verminlord is already on my painting desk and will be tackled along the way…


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