The Glottkin

It is done! It is finally done! After a long time on my painting desk, Nurgle’s own favourites, the Glottkin, are finally done!


When I started this model, I had managed to get it into my head that it would be a fairly quick job. Fairly delusional, as it turned out. In my head, I had broken the model down into components and figured that they huge body was basically one colour and so would not take too long despite its surface area, then just do the gnarled skin up top, the horns, and then the characters riding the beast, which would be basically like doing separate models anyway.

It so didn’t turn out that way…


The initial skin tone was done quite quickly. However, I then started to twig just how much detail was sunk into this model, tiny little bits and pieces that all started to add up. For example, the pustules that dot his body are, individually, a quick job – base colour, shade and then a highlight. However, when there are dozens of them, well, let’s just say you have to settle in for the long haul…


That said, there is nothing that is especially complicated about the Glottkin, it is just that you have to take each part one step at a time and work your way through it (though, it has to be said, I would have finished this model a couple of weeks ago if had not let myself get distracted by Tzeentch heroes, Bastions, and all the rest, so focus is a factor too…).


The various colour schemes were either drawn from the painting guide in White Dwarf (such as for the horns) or derived from those  ad already used for other models within the Rotbringers, which provided a link between them and the Glottkin so they all look like they came from the same place.


Still, the final effect was worth it and, being one of GW’s largest single models, it will form a great centrepiece for the biggest battles in our Realm of Life campaign.


So, I think the effort was worth it in the end, even though I might say this is the kind of model I did not like painting but love having painted it. If you see what I mean.

It has also not escaped my attention that the week I finish the Glottkin is the same week that Archaon is being released, an even larger model…



5 Responses to “The Glottkin”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    It looks great man. I can imagine it was quite an effort. I haven’t painted anything bigger than a Leman Russ unless you count my house! Those pustules make me want to vomit, in a good way haha. Top marks!!!

  2. gameoftravel Says:

    looks awesome! great job! I’m looking forward to bay and paint Glotkin myself. but constant lack of funds stops me every month – next year,meybe:)

  3. beastsofnurgle Says:

    Looks great, love the transition on the main tentacle and the dude with the scythe. I’m looking to get one of these eventually, did you get yours new? And if so is there many spare bits?

    • altsain Says:

      I did get mine new, though heavily discounted (I am sort of ‘in the biz’ – it is going to make Archaon affordable, I can tell you!). There are no spare bits on this model, as it is not like the Maggoth Lord or Verminlord where multiple models can be made – there is just one Glottkin, with no options (actually, I lie – you have an option to have one guy with a helmeted head, or not).

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