The Dreadhold Becomes a Castle

This weekend I completed two wall sections for the Chaos Dreadhold – a small enough project but, with the modularity of the Dreadhold as a whole, it means I can now do this;


No longer restricted to just a corner of the table, the Dreadhold is now looking a bit more convincing!


Just sprinkle some more scenery on the table, and we now have a fearsome battlefield on which to fight…


This one is simply formed from the Malefic Gate and four extra wall sections purchased from GW’s mail order service.


However, you can easily swap out the Malefic Gate for the Skull Keep to create something even more imposing – in fact, we will be using this set up in a coming battle set in the Realm of Metal campaign.


What has become apparent to me, though, is how easy putting together a Chaos Dreadhold is and how it need not have a massive price ticket attached. The big items are the Skull Keep and Malefic Gate (£45 and £60 respectively) and if you want something really imposing, the Overlord Bastion is a hefty £80. However, you can leave the Bastion out of the equation (as awesome as it is), as both the Skull Keep and the Malefic Gate make for decent centrepieces by themselves (the gate can be positioned by itself on a table corner and there is a specific Battleplan to handle exactly this).


However, once you have those pieces, wall sections are a mere £15 a piece. The trick here is, I think, not to start off thinking you need a dozen of them all at once – as I said, the Keep and Gate are perfectly useable as stand-alone items. Instead, pick up a wall section or two every time you mail order some paints. You really won’t notice the extra spend amongst everything else, and wall sections are very quick to paint.

Give yourself a few months of collecting wall sections in this fashion, and you will have a very good Chaos-themed fort in no time.

So, am I going to stop here? Well, maybe not.

As demonstrated, wall sections are easy enough to pick up and no hassle to paint, so I might aim for the complete circle style of Dreadhold – which would mean 6 more wall sections. No rush to do them, so maybe towards the middle of next year I will have a bona fide castle.

Beyond that? Well, I have no desire to buy, construct or paint another Overlord Bastion! Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad I have one, but I am not sure I would choose to do all that again! And while a second Skull Keep could be interesting, I have no particular wish to do a total of eight of them (which is what the largest Dreadhold castle uses).

However, if I were to do another six wall sections, it would just take one more Malefic Gate to be able to do justice to the Fortresses of Death Battleplan in the Chaos Dreadhold book, where two forts are separated by a Realmgate, and you are fighting across the realms to take the enemy castle. Now, that battle sounds like something I would want to try out!

Still, no rush,. I am going to work on some more wall sections in-between other models and then see how I feel.

But it would be really cool!


One Response to “The Dreadhold Becomes a Castle”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    It looks fantastic. Very imposing!

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