A Beastly Horde

The Realm of Life campaign has a battle coming up where a horde of beastmen are controlling a foul artefact known as the Dirgehorn. So, that means I will be needing some beastmen!


While these guys are technically followers of Nurgle in the storyline, I have little desire to do three (or four, when Slaanesh reappears!) different armies of Beastmen. So, I went with neutral undivided colours for these guys, with the only real colouration being black for their loincloths and the odd piece of armour plating. This means they will be suitable for any Chaos force (and black might be quite a fortuitous choice when the Everchosen book comes out later this week…).


For much of these models, I actually used Duncan’s guide to painting a Skaven Clanrat on Warhammer TV. I started off with the fur (Mournfang Brown, drybrushed with Tyrant Skull), and then did all the rest if the base colours (Bugman’s Glow for the skin, Dryad Bark for wood, etc). Then the whole lot gets washed with Agrax before the layering process begins.


The earlier drybrushing of the fur means no highlighting is required there, saving a job (this is the same technique I used on the Chaos Warhounds a while ago), meaning painting these guys is a fairly quick process – I did nearly 30 of them in one batch and it never seemed like too many.

The only hitch I hit was with the skin. I was going to highlight them with Ungor Flesh, but it was just too bright on the Bugman’s Glow. In the end, not wanting them to be the same shade as the Skaven I will be working on soon, I just layered the skin with Bugman’s Glow again (so they will be a lot darker than the rats). For what will be a minor force for me (he said…), it works well enough.

I have already got some Ungors and a handful of characters undercoated and ready to have work started, but I think I will a) finish off my Verminlord and b) do one unit of Seraphon first (the latter to get all the colours sorted before I start on the army as a whole). However, I have already figured out that I will need 10-12 more Gors to round off my units, and I wanted to add a unit of perhaps 6 Minotaurs to give these guys some hard-hitting power for when they face the Stormcasts.

Something for my Christmas Project!


3 Responses to “A Beastly Horde”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    They look awesome. I’m tempted to buy some now

  2. gameoftravel Says:

    great Idea to paint Beastmen as followers of all four (!) powers. maybe you should get Pestigors and Khorngors models as well and adapt them to AoS rules by making ‘home made’ warscrolls?

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