Vermalanx and Celemnis

Took a break from blocks of troops to tackle two character models that will be needed for campaign games in the New Year – Vermalanx the Corrupt and the Queen of Blades, Celemnis.


Vermalanx is one of the Skaven Verminlords and, like the Glottkin, I figured this one might be quite an easy job. Unlike the Glottkin, I was right this time!


This guy really just has four basic components – skin (which is where I started), fur, armour and horny bits. After that, it is just a matter of detailing. The skin was fairly standard fleshy colours, starting with Bugman’s Glow, washing with Reikland Fleshshade, then drybrushing up with Bugman’s Glow, Cadian Flesh and then Kislev Flesh. That ccounted for about 50% of the surface area of the model!


The fur was the next big thing, and that was just Rhinox Hide then Nuln Oil, layered with Rhinox Hide again with a Karak Stone drybrush. 70% of the model done!


The armour was done with Caliban Green, Nuln Oil and a light Moot Green highlight, while the tabard followed exactly the same procedure but ended with a Castellant Green highlight to give just a slight variation in colour and texture. The gold bits followed, with the lining around the armour about the trickiest thing on the model (so, no real hardships on anything), using a Brass Scorpion base. I especially like how this gold/brass turned out on the wristbands, a nice solid metallic feel there.


That just left the horns and skull, which both followed the usual Zandri Dust/Agrax/Ushabti pattern, with the skull getting an extra and fairly heavy highlight of white to bring it out from the surrounding horn work. The spikes on the tails were done at the same time and though they look fiddly, were again no real hardship. After that, just a few details like the eyes and rats on the base, and Mr Vermalanx was done – just in time to appear in our next campaign game within the Realm of Life where he will be leading a Pestilens force in support of Nurgle daemons!

The next model was a fair quickie with really nothing complicated to it. Celemnis is the Queen of Blades, a master weaponsmith who met a nasty end at the hands of the Bleak Horde in the Realm of Metal. She does not actually feature in the campaign as such, but makes a cameo appearance in one of the Battleplans as a terrain piece, and rather than just have A N Other statue or ruin, I thought it might be nice to have her actually on the table to mark her position. Plus it means I will have a Banshee all done for future games (undead are going to make an appearance at some point, I am sure).


Celemnis was a (very) cheap purchase on eBay, already half-painted. I undercoated over that, then did the silver of her armour, followed by her grey skin, and washed both with Nuln Oil. The skin was highlighted with light greys, going up to a touch of white.

The robes were next, and there is no washing on this at all – I just started with Kantor Blue and built them up to Fenrisian Grey, with a couple of shades in-between. The hair was done with a Rhinox Hide base, built up through Mournfang Brown up to Troll Slayer Orange.


With just a bit of messing around on the base for details (nice touch on this model with the sword, considering she was a weaponsmith), and Celemnis was done!


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