A Trial of Seraphon

While campaign games involving the Seraphon are probably a fair distance away, I wanted to get at least one unit done fairly soon, partly to make sure of the paint scheme and ensure I had the right paints, but also because, well, I wanted to!

So, I cracked out a full unit of Saurus Warriors to see how I got on.


As it turned out, I would rate these guys as mostly easy. I more or less followed the Seraphon (Lizardman) painting guide, and started with Temple Guard Blue as a base, washed with Coelia Greenshade, then drybrushed Temple Guard Blue and Lothern Blue – skin done, and the only real time taken was waiting for the shade to dry.

For the scales, I went with Kantor Blue, washed with Nuln Oil, and then drybrushed with Altdorf Guard Blue. Their warpaint is a lot easier to apply than it first looked (I thought it would be fiddly, and even considered not bothering – that would have been a mistake), being Mephiston Red, Reikland Fleshshade, then highlighted Mephiston again.


For the shields, I went with the colours I am intending for the big dinosaurs (the idea is that they got their shields from the big guys’ dead bodies), basing with Daemonette Hide, washing with Druchii Violet, and then highlighting with Pallid Flesh, just to bring the colour back out (it looks a little flat without that last stage).

And that was the unit mostly done – quick, very painless, and no hassle. I thought the gold areas would follow suit, but they are a bit fiddly. Still not a real bind considering how easy the rest of the unit was, and it helps a great deal when something like that is the very last thing to be done – it is encouraging to see the rest of the model finished, so you are motivated to just keep on going.


There are not too many details after that, just the stone of the standard and its feathers, really. Then it is basing, and the unit is complete!

One of my Christmas Projects is to do a (more or less) entire army of Seraphon, so I have been busy building models the past couple of weeks. I already have a Skink unit on my table and, with just ten models, they are proving to be lightning fast to paint. Makes me quite optimistic for the rest, and I will need some optimism, as I am intending to do about 50 more Skinks after that and another 50-odd Saurus Warriors, plus characters and big dinosaurs (and I haven’t even put together the Saurus Guard yet or re-based the Knights).

However, I think this will end up being a nice, colourful army, and a worthy addition to the Age of Sigmar forces I have been collecting.


One Response to “A Trial of Seraphon”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Very nice ! I love your AOS stuff. Keep at it my friend.

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