The Brimstone Tempest

Just before we take a break for Christmas, I finally got round to finishing something I have wanted to do for a while – a complete campaign for Age of Sigmar. I also got the graphics guys (well, Amy) to out it together in an attractive PDF, which you can download here: The Brimstone Tempest.

The official story line for Age of Sigmar has sort of left the Realm of Fire alone for a bit (some more bits and bobs to be found in the novels and ebooks), so I wanted to take a look at ‘what happened next.’ Having read all the Valkia the Bloody stories as well, I wanted her to be front and centre in the new story.

So, I put together this short campaign, of just four Battleplans. The first battle, Judgement of the Blood God, shows what happens to an Exalted Deathbringer who shows a bit of patience and thought (it is not pretty) and Valkia is introduced to the fray along with her daemonic hordes. There is also a Time of War sheet that is used throughout the campaign that is centred around Valkia and what tends to happen when she appears…


After the first battle, Valkia has roundly whipped a bunch of Bloodbound but needs to see which one of them is tough enough to lead after she departs for the Realm of Chaos. So, she decides to have a go at the Skaven in Duardinia (you’ll find this place on the top of the Brimstone Peninsula map in the Age of Sigmar hardback).

The Skaven Warlord Snikkit can see what is coming, so throws his worse troops in front of the Khornate horde (now daemons and Bloodbound combined, with Valkia up front!) in an effort to buy time to build his defences. The rats are going to lose this one, but the Chieftain that has been sent to face Valkia will gain a victory (of sorts!) if he can just survive!

The next Battleplan, Bulwark Assault, sees Valkia’s force throw themselves at the Obsidian Bulwark, an old Bloodbound-built fortress that the SKaven have long since taken over. By now, Khorne’s fury is such that it is capable of blasting apart castle walls by rage alone (a nice Command Ability for Valkia in this one!), while it is suggested that a Bloodthirster will not go amiss for her forces. However, the Skaven have started to rally and their full strength is present too. Well, all except Grey Seer Gnawdoom, who has announced his attention is needed elsewhere…

…which beings us onto the final battle, To Catch a Queen. Grey Seer Gnawdoom has a mad, mad plan to actually capture and harness the daemonic power of Valkia. If he succeeds, he may well become the pre-eminent sorcerer in the entire Realm of Fire. If he fails… well, Valkia is not known as ‘the Merciful’.

We have tried our best to make this campaign look as though it came from GW, and if you have a Khorne force, you just need to add Valkia to get going. If you have a Skaven army as well, you already have everything you need to dive into this one though, frankly, any opposing force could work!

I would be very interested to hear if anyone gives this a go and what they make of it!


One Response to “The Brimstone Tempest”

  1. Tony Says:

    Excellent campaign – many thanks , Tony

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