A Tour of Warhammer World

I have posted before about events held at Warhammer World but, up to now I have not gone into the exhibition centre they have there – principally because of the £7.50 entrance fee. Well, this weekend, I went up for the Trials of the Oighear event (full report on that tomorrow) and this time I took one for the team. I ponied up the cash, and took a look around. I also snuck in a camera so you could all have a look as well.

(there is no actual ban on photography, but I would not have felt like 007 without that conceit).


When you walk in, this is the first thing you see, some cabinets at the bottom of the stairs displaying some very old GW products, which are all likely to be older than most of the people who walk through this place (sadly, I remember buying many of these when they were first released…).


Like the original Beakies and Space Ork Raiders. Or, just below them in the photo, the Devastators box set, containing (no, not heavy weapons marines) the likes of the Mole Mortar and first exposed-to-the-wind Land Speeder. And yes, that box next to it contained two Land Raiders.


Still, things like Hydras and Manticores are way bigger these days, so I guess it is not all bad.

Once you have had your fill of nostalgia, you head up the stairs to the first exhibition room, dedicated to Age of Sigmar.


The displays are divided into two main types – the first is like the above, where entire armies are on display. Here is a part of the Orcs and Goblins cabinet – that Forge World Giant really is a big ‘un…


And here is a snap of something that explains Bretonnians in the Mortal Realms (don’t kid yourselves, I am pretty sure these guys will be properly gone soon enough).


The second kind of cabinet is like this – massive. In fact, this is one of the smaller ones. We’ll get to the really big stuff soon enough!

Basically, they are of (usually) large battles involving hundreds of miniatures in a suitably awe-inspiring setting.


In this one, the Stormcasts are having a bit of a barney with the Bloodbound on a floating island fortress thing. It goes without saying, you can spend an hour looking at each of these displays and still be picking up brand new details. Taking a camera with you might well be a good idea…


This one is labelled End Times, and depicts a Skaven attack upon a Dwarf stronghold. However, it is designed to be viewed from all four angles, with each facing presenting something new.


On this side, the Dwarf reinforcements are rushing inside the hall to try to stem the invasion.


There is a massive chasm inside that divides the display in two, with the two forces fighting over rickety bridges.


From the other side, you see the chasm is wide enough to allow the Gyrocopters in, where they are performing strafing runs on Skaven war machines.


Dwarf miners are trying to flank the Skaven army, but have run straight into the Brood Horrors…


The reflections are bad on this one (they may allow photography, but they do not aid it here), but this is the main Skaven attack – that green glowy thing is not a reflection, but a Warpstone weapon…


The next display is of a Chaos force leaving a blight-ridden fortress.


Nurgle is the theme here, and they have not been afraid of splashing out on Forge World models…


Along with the Glottkin, a Maggoth Lord (Twiceborn), and a lovely converted Mutalith at the back, all Nurglified.


And this is just part of the main horde – took this snap because I quite liked the Warshrines.


However, once you move round the side of this display, you realise you have not seen it all, as the Chaos forces are moving underground as well.

That was the quick tour of the Age of Sigmar section. The second exhibition room is dedicated to Warhammer 40,000.


Again, all the armies are on display, from Sisters to every Marine chapter you have seen painted up in White Dwarf. These are the two variant Land Raiders and Rhinos that you can grab from Warhammer World (and only Warhammer World).


And, of course you get the big displays too. The first is a bit of a marine-on-marine action with the Emperor’s Children.


While just across the way is a Space Wolf fortress being attacked by Tyranids. Didn’t spend too long on this one because, well, filthy Space Wolves (the Lion was right!). But there is nothing funnier than watching a Space Wolf getting eaten by a bug.


Here, for example, are some Space Wolves who cannot fly properly.


And here are some Space Wolf dogs about to get torn apart.

Gets me every time.

Anyway, after Marines, it was onto the Guard (Astra Militarum). Think you have a large Guard army at home? Really? Try this…


These guys are just on parade. And no, this is not Epic scale. Note the elite troops on the wall on the left and, right at the back, the Commissar’s personal super-heavy…


It might take a little while to paint that many Guardsmen up…


This is a smaller display, but I know it will have fans – the Death Korps of Krieg, in a fortified position.

From here, it is on to the next Exhibition Room. There is just a single display in this one, and it is billed as the largest 40k display in the world. They may be right.


You ready for this?


Now, I am rubbish at photography, so you do not get the right sense of scale here. And the lighting is very weird, so the camera was not at its best anyway. But this display needs two stories, and you walk down and around it.


The lights also kept changing…


But as you get to the top, you find a Bloodthirster has got there before you.


And this is how you are supposed to use a Dreadclaw…


It is not until you get downstairs that you realise how many Titans there really are…


You would need some seriously tall guys to play properly on this board.


The next Exhibition Room is dedicated to all things Xenos, and we start with a very nice Eldar vs. Tyranids set up, including glowing lava!


And a Titan. Must have a Titan.


They call this one Ork Town…


And just on from that, a cabinet that contains all their really large models, including the Warlord Titan.


No reason for this photo, other than I thought that was quite a nice scheme for Necrons…


And I took this one because I thought I was looking at the really large Tau flyer. Umm, no. Not even close. As we will see.


Orks vs. Crimson Fists – it must be Rynn’s World!


This picture will get the long beards nodding knowingly…


Yeah, that is the big Tau flyer. And it is ‘uge.


But then it needs to be, with this lot bearing down on it.


The display is an odd L-shape, right next to a door, hence the choppy photo.

However, that door leads to.. another Exhibition Room, this one dedicated to the Horus Heresy.


‘Standard’ Calth battle.


And one showcasing the interiors that Forge World do.


And there is always room for one more Titan…


As a complete aside, I did notice a new table when I went back to the gaming hall. There had been a mention that a new Age of Sigmar table was being built. Well, I think it has just been unveiled…


This is actually quite nice – and it shows off the Dreadhold’s modularity nicely. The first thing you notice are the really tall towers (keeps and bastions stacked on one another) and the gatehouse, which is just great. However, note the triangular keep to the left as well. Seems to be what you get from three keeps and three walls.


All with a river of blood running through it. Didn’t get a chance to play on this table, but it would be a fight to remember…




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  1. pascualanaya Says:

    Nice post this one. It makes me want to go to Nottingham just to visit Warhammer World. And it must be a lot of inspiration and really motivational to visit there

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