Beastly Minions and Lords

I painted up some Gors a short while ago, for an upcoming game in the Age of Sigmar campaign. However, Gors alone do not make for a varied force, so I needed to add both leaders and Ungors.


I did not want to go too heavily into a Beastman force (I may not have done them at all if they did not have a strong role in the Realm of Life campaign), so they will not grow too far beyond the existing horde. I have another unit of ten Ungors to paint, and would like to add a similar number of more Gors. Beyond that, a handful of Minotaurs and maybe ten Bestigors will do me, I think.


Leading them is this aggressive looking chap, a Beastlord.


A metal model bought (very) cheaply on eBay, he looks just the part on a new 32mm base. In fact, thus far, this entire army has been bought on eBay, meaning it has cost next to nothing.


I wanted two Bray Shamans in this force, but wanted different models for them. This old school metal shaman is just the thing, but I much prefer the new plastic one…


You can certainly see how GW has improved in their models with these two guys!


Not wanting to spend a massive amount of time on this army, I was just going to do this Shaman’s robe grey, like the first, but the patchwork just cries out for different coloured skins to be stitched together – now it is done, I am glad I put that tiny bit of extra effort in.


The Wargor with Battle Standard was someone else’s conversion (you don’t get that much choice over things on eBay!), and it is a trifle wonky in appearance, but it works.


Actually, he looks big enough to give the Beastlord a serious clonk over the head, so the boss better watch what he says!

I need to track down those extra few models mentioned above (and I have a feeling eBay won’t provide them all), but this force should be ready to take to the field soon enough.


One Response to “Beastly Minions and Lords”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    They look great mate. I have contemplated getting them for all those lovely bitz!! Good job.

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