The Rise of Clan Snikkit

For sometime, the Skaven of Clan Pestilens has been fighting in the Realm of Life – so I felt it was time for a Warlord Clan to join the fray in other realms, in the shape of Clan Snikkit.


Like the Beastmen, this was another eBay army, though I have a feeling this one will grow to a larger size. There is thirty-odd Clanrats here, and I want to add a similar number again, along with some Stormvermin, a Doomwheel and a handful of weapon teams (a kindly relative got me a Warp Grinder team for Christmas, so the process has already begun!). Nothing too mad, but a respectable force nonetheless.


In painting these guys, I used Duncan’s guide to Clanrats on the Warhammer TV channel on Youtube – it is very quick and very effective. My only dilemma was the colour scheme.

I had initially wanted to avoid the Khorne Red Duncan suggested because I have quite a large Bloodbound force and felt like doing something different.  I debated about green, but my Pestilens rats kinda have that covered, then went onto black – but my unaligned Chaos bods/Everchosen will be predominantly black. In the end I had to conclude that Duncan probably knew best and so went for the same Khorne Red tunics he did, but went for Skavenblight Dinge on their other cloth instead of Duncan’s black. Pure guesswork on my part, but it ended up matching well with the red and the fur.


There is nothing quite like a Skaven gunline! These little rats were actually complete sods to get hold of – naturally, I did not want to pay retail for them (more than £10 each!), so I turned to eBay. The trouble with eBay is that everyone wants Jezzails and so bids still go very high. I had set myself a hard limit of no more than £30 for four teams (far, far higher than I would normally go for eBay purchases – my normal limit is £2 per model, absolute maximum, and I am much happier with half that) but I was still getting constantly outbid.

However, perseverance paid off, and I managed to snag these five teams all together for not much more than £20. A good deal, I think.


And, it has to be said, they do look very nice on oval bases.


Skaven need solid rats to lead them (from behind, of course), and a Blood Island Warlord fit the bill nicely. This model, it has to be said, is an absolute pain to photograph properly, as it is so high.


See what I mean? Still, it certainly looks the part on the battlefield.  Permit me to introduce you to Warlord Snikkit himself.


I ended up getting three Grey Seers on eBay until I finally found one I liked. They were all older metal ones, and the first two just did not feel right – one even lacked horns! So, they went back onto eBay and the proceeds went on this chap, whom I am pretty sure was Thanquol in a previous life. However, with a suitable paint job he now takes place as Grey Seer Gnawdoom, advisor (well, maybe – he certainly has his own agenda) to Warlord Snikkit.


Another Blood Island model rounds this first batch of Skaven off, a Warlock Engineer. A nice, simple model that is nonetheless very effective.

I also painted up a Beastmaster, but eBay has not been kind enough as yet to furnish me with Rat Ogres, so no photos of him. He will likely pop up when he has something to prod into battle!


One Response to “The Rise of Clan Snikkit”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    They look cool. The gunline is ace!

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