Seraphon Reinforcements

Just a quickie update today. This week is turning out to be quite busy, but time spent prepping during the weekend means I managed to finish a couple of new units for the Seraphon this week.


The first was another unit of Saurus Warriors – not that I need more (the army totals 70 now, which will so very rarely get used all together) but these lizards have spears which will provide a little variation. However, the big ‘un that got done was the Bastiladon with its Solar Engine.


I stuck with the purple colour scheme I used on the Carnosaur, and it will be appearing on all large dinosaurs for this army. And it is dead easy to do as well – Rakarth Flesh for the soft bits, Daemonette Hide for the crunchy bits, then Druchii Violet all over. The trick is to do a (very) light Rakarth Flesh drybrush over both. Effective and very, very quick.


The Bastiladon is, I think, the quickest dinosaur to do out of all the Seraphon, so if you are wanting a lot of heavyweights quickly, grab yourself a bunch of these boxes.


The end is in sight for the Seraphon, and I have put together the last units I intend to do for the foreseeable future. There are two Stegadons, a Razordon (with handlers) and an Astrolith Bearer on the painting table right now, in various states of readiness. I would have finished them off this weekend, but I have another Age of Sigmar event in Nottingham, so they will be done next week. After that, I just have Saurus Knights and Guards to do, with a single Hero to lead both.

Then I think it will be time to do some Khorne Juggernauts, Tzeentch Daemons and a few more Beastmen, all in preparation for the Ghal Maraz campaign book!


One Response to “Seraphon Reinforcements”

  1. James Chalmers Says:

    Love your Seraphon. Going to using them as inspiration for mine when I receive the starter box on Saturday!

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