Fyreslayer Peek

While at the Throne of Skulls event at GW HQ this weekend, I did manage to spy some of the new Fyreslayer models and take a few snaps…


This dude caught my eye, not sure if he has popped up in other previews – some kind of hero with a big axe.


And the rest…




Close up of one of the Salamanders.


These are the very same models that appeared in White Dwarf.



And the other Salamander.

Might have to arrange a small force of these guys myself – I am thinking orange beards against dark skin…


3 Responses to “Fyreslayer Peek”

  1. Wudugast Says:

    These chaps seem to be coming in for a lot of slagging online and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ll admit that, like many, I had a slightly more traditional idea of slayers but its worth remembering that these are not Slayer Dwarves from Warhammer but Fyreslayers from AoS (although they would look excellent, if slightly different, pressed into service as the former). Still not entirely sure about the Salamanders but again this may be because they don’t really fit with my mental image of what dwarves are like. Would be interesting to see what fans of the Salamanders (the space marine ones) could convert from them though. I also wonder about using the throne/saddle to make something similar to the kind of throne that Thorgrim Grudgebearer rides around on.
    Hadn’t seen the chap with the big axe before but I rather like him – definitely has potential as a Slayer hero (yes, I admit it, I’m an old crusty and I still think in Warhammer!)

  2. gameoftravel Says:

    New slayers are way too much for my old moaning hear. I prefer good ol’ dwarfs. Correct me if I’m wrong – new slayers are not larger than old ones? they don’t fit the same scale, right?

  3. spalanz Says:

    I love those salamanders, they have a sort of Chinese dragon-style thing going on, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on at least one to paint up. As for the rest of them, I’m considering a box of the ten little guys, though I’m not yet sure how they’d fit in with my Stormcasts…

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