Age of the Force

Or possibly Age of the Jedi, haven’t decided yet…

A while ago I got the guys in the office to put together two 40k Codexes that brought Star Wars to the game, one covering the Rebel Alliance, the other the Galactic Empire.

And that was pretty good, using the legions of WotC Star Wars figues I have accrued over the years. However, the new film got me thinking, and I had something of an epiphany.

When you get together to play Star Wars, you don’t want to faff around with equipment choices, HQ slots, and all the rest. You just want to chuck Luke and his friends on the table and see how about they get on against a bunch of Stormtroopers. Maybe you want to add Boba Fett too – in which case, you don’t want to worry about choices from the Bounty Hunter mini-Codex. You just want to add Fett to your Imperial force and hunt down Han Solo and that damned Wookiee!

Then it hit me Age of Sigmar is the perfect bed for Star Wars gaming, able to handle an escape from the Death Star as effectively as the Battle of Hoth. Just grab your minis, choose a Battleplan and go.


So, I am going to put some Warscrolls together and see how it goes.

To work properly, the game will also need some dedicated Battleplans and maybe the odd Time of War sheet. The combination of those two would allow the heroes to have an iconic ability on their Warscroll but the other cool stuff they do in the films could still appear in the game without burdening it with too many rules from the outset.

Just think of the games that could be played:

  • Get some Skiffs together and fight over the Sarlacc Pit.
  • Get to the throne room on Naboo.
  • Luke, Han and Leia escape from the Death Star.
  • Battle of Hoth, natch. Above and below ground.
  • Command Imperial forces as they try to take over Cloud City.
  • Defend corridors as the Empire tries to board your Corellian Corvette.
  • Receive Order 66 and hunt down Jedi.
  • Rally the Ewoks to attack the Imperial bunker on Endor.
  • Overthrow the Imperial overlords on Kashyyyk.


The big question at the moment is how silly can I get doing this? I could put together a complete book covering an entire campaign or three, a la the Realmgate Wars. There could be Battletomes for the major (and minor!) forces. I could put those together and actually get them printed.

But that would be really silly, wouldn’t it?


On the other hand, I have already figured out that the old Kenner/Palitoy Rebel Transport is pretty much in scale for 28mm, and I think I have found a kit of the Millennium Falcon that is also damn near in scale…




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