Some More Lizards

I am really not going to be adding that much more to my Seraphon, and this week has been a bit of a strain actually getting stuff done. There are a whole bunch of models sitting on a shelf, all undercoated and ready to get some paint on them, but I haven’t felt I could do that until the two Stegadons on the painting table have been completed! Hopefully, they will be done tomorrow, as I have figured out I just need one last push with some more Beastmen and I’ll have everything we need to finish off the Realm of Life campaign (which should keep us going, gaming-wise, for a month or so).

Anyway, first things first, I did manage to polish off a couple of units for the Seraphon.


The Astrolith Bearer and a Razordon!


Despite its size, this was a really easy/quick model to paint, following pretty much the same process as all other Saurus (Sauri?).


So, start with the skin, then do the scales, then red warpaint, leaving just claws and bone.


Then all the gold, which for this guy, is quite considerable! After that, there are just a few details left, like the feathers and skulls, but they are dealt with quickly.


And if you want quick, you really cannot beat a Razordon. I used the same purple colour scheme for him as I did the large dinosaurs, to create a link across the entire army, but it is double-quick on this model.

I would be interested in a few more Razordons as they look to be better in defence than Saurus Guards (they get a form of Overwatch which can be just plain nasty if the enemy general is not prepared for it)! However, they tend to go for more than £10 on eBay, so there is no great rush. If I see a cheap one, I’ll grab it.

As I said, I have two Stegadons that I will pull all the stops out to get finished, as they are kinda causing a jam (it is what big dinosaurs do). If all goes well, you will see them early this coming week!

What I really want to crack on with is the ‘last’ of my Beastmen so we can crack through the Realm of Life campaign. I have already put together ten more Gors and Ungors, and my goal for today is to put together ten Bestigors and six Minotaurs, which is about all I want for my Beastmen right now.

I have also done something a bit special for the Realm of Life campaign, but it requires a new Warscroll – I’ll see if I can get that done this coming week too!


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