A Tour of our Tables

We are quite blessed in where we get to play all our games, and I thought it might be fun to have a little tour of the tables we use.


This is one side of the Mongoose offices, dedicated to games of all types (with a dash of stock room and mail order centre thrown in!).


The ‘red table’ will be familiar to those who have been following our Age of Sigmar campaign in the Realm of Fire. However, it was originally built as an alien world for 40k, and we have some additional volcano and bunker pieces to reinforce that.


This is ‘big green’ and is generally used as either fantasy or (more often) alien jungle. Most of the individual terrain pieces come straight from an aquarium shop, and are stuck onto flocked wood tiles – or, in the case of the large ruins, just plonked onto the table!


‘Small green’ will be familiar to those of you following the Realm of Life campaign, though it is used weekly for 40k  by the local club on Tuesday nights. Most of these tables have readily removable boards so they can be quickly switched around (for space or naval battles, for example), and this is generally the table that gets converted first.


This one is normally used as a desert world for 40k, but it works well for any dusty, dry place (just last Saturday, it was hosting a 4,000 point End Times battle). It also tends to serve as a temporary storing area for terrain as it is so flat and convenient! However, right now it has a little fortified fantasy village sitting at the foot of a wizard’s tower.


This is the first of our snow tables and, despite having had a few knocks in its time, still serves very well for 40k – indeed, it is quite 40k-specific as evidenced by the upturned MkI Land Raider at the back!


This is sort of two tables in one at the moment. The actual wooden board was destined to be built upon, either as a Stalingrad or possibly Rorke’s Drift, but it was plain enough to be co-opted by the Infinity players at the club! They have brought their own terrain along for the half at the back, while the foreground has the modern Arab town terrain first put together for Battlefield Evolution (when set up on its own table, it tends to get called ‘Downtown Baghdad’).


This is the Mega-City One table, though kit sees a lot of use for Infinity at the moment, hence all the buildings getting pushed together. However, it works well for any sci-fi game, and plenty of Space Marines have met their end on this table too!


This is a table that has been some years in the making – it started off as a poster/floor plan released by Games Workshop as part of their Cities of Death range. Subsequently, ruined sci-fi buildings have been added until we have a quite densely packed Space Age Stalingrad. Battles tend to be quite vicious on this table!


This is our big snow table, currently set up as a Planetstrike battlefield. Adding more bunkers and defence posts is one of those long term projects that are always on the go, though it is a slow process.


And this is our third snow table, originally intended to be Klendathu for Starship Troopers. For really large games, we tend to keep this one and the larger snow table pushed together, like so:


However, we can also add the first snow table to the left hand side, making a truly awesome battlefield – something that was done late last year for an Apocalypse game with the local club.

We also have access to two more large tables in the other side of the office, though they are in dire need of a repaint and possible re-modelling.

Another one of those long term projects!



2 Responses to “A Tour of our Tables”

  1. Akai Says:

    If I can have just one small room where I can just fit one gaming table…seeing how your workplace allows you to have the luxury of so many tables, it loos like a pretty nice job to have 🙂 (at least from my end!)

    • altsain Says:

      You could do what I used to do – two wallpaper pasting tables, with boards on top. That sorted me for perhaps two decades before I got permanent tables!

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