Stella and Stacey (the Stegadons)

Every now and again, I seem to get something come along that slows everything else down and generally clogs up whatever system it affects. Recently, that has been these two girls, a couple of Stegadons. Last night though, finally, they were finished!


There was nothing complicated about them, it has to be admitted, it was just a combination of details on the models and a slight dip in motivation on my part that caused the slowing down. However, on Sunday evening, I steeled myself, sat down, and got all the gold trimming done – that was the part that I knew would be time consuming and fiddly but, predictably, once tackled it did not seem so bad! It also served to break the back of this project and push me over the ‘hump’.


I resisted the temptation to make either of these Stegadons an Engine of the Gods and instead went with a normal bolt thrower on the first, though I also added a Skink Alpha to lead the herd as a whole (albeit a herd of two, and I do not foresee expanding that).


The paint scheme was nothing I had not done before on other Seraphon models, with the Stegadons themselves following the traditional purple skin and scales.


Whereas the Skinks were, well, normal Skink colours. A few feathers were dotted around, along with the obligatory skulls, and then the models were just about done. Not really sure why they took so long in the first place!


I very nearly went with another bolt thrower on the second Stegadon but, instead, went with the fire throwers for a bit of variety.


So, now these are done, I can get on with other projects and I fear I may have over-compensated for the delay. You see, I have recently acquired all the Beastmen I need to finish off the force needed for the next battle in the Realm of Life campaign, so I decided to do all of them together. That would be 10 Ungors, 10 Gors, 10 Bestigors and 6 Minotaurs. 36 models, all at once.

However, I have already done about half of the base colours so, deciding that I was well on my way, I also added five Liberators and four Treekin to this batch, as they are the last models needed to do all if the Realm of Life battles.

Well… it seemed like a good idea at the time…


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