The Beastmen… Complete?

Well, you never really finish an army – at some point down the road, there is always a little something extra you can add. However, I wanted a reasonable force of Beastmen for the Realmsgate Wars campaigns and, well, I think I am just about there:


I followed exactly the same painting scheme as before and, like before, it turned out quick to do – these chaps took just a couple of sessions to do (along with most of five Liberators, four Treekin and a veritable squadron of Khorne Skullcrushers, but those are for future posts!).


As they will be facing Stormcasts in the campaign, I knew the Beastmen would need some hard hitting power, which I think will be admirably served by a couple of boxes of Minotaurs. I didn’t bother with standards or musicians with this group – they are just there to hit things, a process somewhat magnified by the Great Weapons they are all carrying.


The Bestigors are probably my favourite unit. The Great Weapon pose may be a trifle samey across the band but there is still something quite evocative in that pose. There have been rumours about the Beastmen being discontinued by GW but, you know, I don’t buy it. First off, they are way to prevalent in the AoS fiction right now and second, you can make arguments about the Gors and Ungors, but there is just nothing wrong at all with the Minotaur and Bestigor kits. I think these will stick around for quite a while.


Continuing down the scale, I grabbed a small unit of Gors off eBay, as I already had a spare command group done in the last batch I did for Beastmen. This gives the Beastmen a third ‘core’ unit, making them a perfectly respectable force on the battlefield.


And finally a unit of Ungors. I am guessing these will be as useless as Skinks in a fight (!), but that is quite useful in Age of Sigmar – it means you can really pad out a force and make it look large (and epic) without altering the balance between two forces a great deal.

Oh, and one last piccie – for a bit of fun, I took a quick photo of the various ‘races’ of Beastmen in a sort of evolutionary progression…


As I mentioned above, I already have some more units on my painting table, namely another unit of Liberators and some Treekin. When these are done, I will have truly gathered all the models necessary for us to play right through the Realm of Life campaign in the Ghal Maraz book, so expect regular battle reports very soon (though it has not escaped my notice that we are just getting moving on this at exactly the same time that GW is about to release another campaign book!).

Beyond that, I got all the base colours and shading done on the Juggernauts of six Skullcrushers and one Lord of Khorne. Got a different paint scheme going for these beasties, will be interesting to see how they turn out!

After that, I want to finally ‘finish’ off my Seraphon (Saurus Knights and Guard are all that really remain) but I am beginning to feel the call of the Fyreslayers I recently picked up…


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